TEN lifts in final week of 2016

Ratings: Big Bash saw TEN's share rise but the week fell to Nine -so far.

Big Bash League saw TEN’s network share rise but the week fell to Nine -so far.

With just 0.2% separating them, Seven could snatch back a win in Timeshifted figures.

And there was a bit of shake-up in the multichannels too.

Nine: 26.6
Seven: 26.4
TEN: 23.3
ABC: 17.4
SBS: 6.4

Primary channel:
Nine: 18.7
Seven: 18.1
TEN: 16.2
ABC: 12.5
SBS: 4.5

ONE: 4.0
7TWO: 3.4
GO!: 3.0
ABC2: 2.7
7mate: 2.6
GEM: 2.5
9Life: 2.4
7flix: 2.3
ABC News 24: 1.6
SBS Food Network / SBS VICELAND: 0.9
ABC ME: 0.6
NITV: 0.2

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  1. I would be curious to know how these ratings are interpreted as generally Channel 9 has always maintained a ratings advantage due to the viewing habits of viewers who sit down to eat a meal whilst watching games shows or 9 news on TV. After 7 pm the viewing channel of choice usually remains locked in until bedtime an hour or so later. This has much to do with habit than worthwhile content.

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