TV Tonight Awards: Worst of 2016

It's bad news for 60 Minutes, Married at First Sight and profile morning TV stars.

Nine’s 60 Minutes debacle in Lebanon has been voted the Biggest Blunder of 2016 by readers in the TV Tonight Awards.

The controversy topped the category by a country mile.

However we again see Morning TV completely dominate the Worst Male & Female categories. When you are Live on TV every day with media dissecting your every move, you are in the hot zone.

Karl Stefanovic has again been voted Worst Male and Most Over-Exposed Performer. While he took both of these in 2015 on the back of ill-fated The Verdict, it is worth noting that this year’s voting followed headlines surrounding his personal life.

Sam Armytage again takes the Worst Female title, in a category dominated by morning TV faces, followed by Sonia Kruger and a first time inclusion in Tara Brown. Note that both Kruger’s remarks about Muslim immigration bans and Sunrise‘s Sex and the City sketch both rank high in the Blunder of the Year category.

Juggling profile careers with over-exposure is also a delicate act. Even Waleed Aly (yesterday ranking 2nd in Favourite Male) enters the over-exposed stakes this year -presumably for media coverage outside of TV appearances. But Karl Stefanovic took that one out too.

Nine also dominates the Worst Show of the Year awarded to Married at First Sight. Were readers reacting to the content, two seasons in one year, or both….? Either way, not good news for the upcoming season.

Yet again we see The Big Bang Theory divide viewers. Yesterday it won Best International Comedy. Today it takes out Worst International Show. You either love it or hate it… there is no in-between.

But who knew Game of Thrones had its detractors? This category drew a lot of different suggestions, but there were just enough haters of all-things-Westeros for it to scrape into fourth place.

* denotes runaway winner

Biggest Blunder of the Year: 60 Minutes Lebanon debacle*
Sonia Kruger calls for Muslim immigration ban
Sunrise “Sex and the City” sketch
SBS Viceland replaces SBS2
(2015: The Verdict)

Worst Male: Karl Stefanovic
David Koch
Grant Denyer
Andrew Bolt
(2015: Karl Stefanovic)

Worst Female: Sam Armytage
Sonia Kruger
Tara Brown
Lisa Wilkinson
(2015: Sam Armytage)

Most Over-Exposed Performer: Karl Stefanovic
Grant Denyer
Scott Cam
Waleed Aly
(2015: Karl Stefanovic)

Worst Show (Australian): Married at First Sight
Zumbo’s Just Desserts
The Briefcase
You’re Back in the Room
(2015: The Verdict)

Worst Show (International): The Big Bang Theory
Life in Pieces
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Game of Thrones
(2015: The Big Bang Theory)

There were 443 votes this year.

70% of you visit the site once a day or more with 87% voting the site Excellent or Very Good. Just 1 person voted it as Disappointing.

Thanks again to all of those who participated!

20 Responses

  1. Interesting with Married At First Sight, I tend to agree.

    But Nine are desperate for it to work, after their disappointing ratings last year in the first half & ratings were pretty good.

    Wonder if the ‘love/romance’ genre is fading? Happened to The Bachelorette & Farmer Wants A Wife return flopped.

  2. Not a lot of love for Sam Armytage which is a shame. The media always seem to be hounding her and viewers don’t seem too keen either. I just hope she is ok….

  3. Come on, Karl worse than Andrew Bolt? That is ridiculous. Don’t understand the hate for poor Karl, I have a soft spot for him & find him quite funny. I don’t have foxtel so can’t watch Game of Thrones but I still hate it. Just sick of it winning all the awards that should go to Blacklist, Person of Interest or Quantico. It dominates every year & it’s getting boring. I loved you’re back in the room too, it was hilarious.

    1. Blacklist and Quantico are very generic, by the numbers series with no imagination. Game of thrones is superb in every sense of the word. Person of Interest was good but the idea it should have won awards is laughable

    2. Don’t understand how you can hate a show you’ve never watched or judge other shows to be superior to it without viewing it. Game of Thrones is easily in my top 5 TV shows and movies of all times, the acting, writing, directing and cinematography is second to none. It’s essentially a high quality film in 70 x 1 hour parts, there is a very good reason it has won so many accolades and such critical success.

  4. Viceland replacement ranked as a blunder? I didn’t expect to say this but I’ve been watching more Viceland than I did SBS2. They’ve actually got some challenging programming on there worth a look.

    1. I enjoyed the music quiz, but got annoyed when they played songs with too long musical intro’s & stopped it before the singing started. And they didn’t have Meat Loaf songs.

  5. I don’t agree with Grant Denyer being voted under worst male and most over-exposed. He’s a delight on Family Feud. It’s a shame that the Great Australian Spelling Bee’s return is very unlikely. Where’s Andrew O’Keefe? Him hosting both The Chase Australia and Weekend Sunrise drives me nuts.

  6. So based on your results from yesterday and today, channel ten should be Australia’s number one network based on shows and personalities. If only they could get some consistency in their schedule across time slots and the year they may have a chance of actually making up some ground this year!!!!

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