#TVT10: Most-read posts

It only has 7 comments, but a 2013 post “Curtain Down on Dance Academy” is the most read post on TV Tonight with 85,454 views.

International fans pushed the show to the top as they searched Australia for info on its future. It’s a recurring theme amongst top posts.

It’s closely followed by the amazing 2009 vision of a sandscaper in Ukraine’s Got Talent with 82,097 views (the YouTube clip has over 39m views!).

A 2015 interview with Essie Davis about the future of Miss Fisher ranks third with 77,085 views.

And should we be surprised “OMG. Adam Looking for Eve with Total Full Frontal Nudity Coming to SBS 2″ is fourth with 73,744?

Dancer Michael Damaski’s stunning 2014 winning routine from So You Think You Can Dance Australia ranks 5th. Paula Abdul told me it was the single best routine she had ever seen performed on any version of the show. The vision has since been removed by Shine Australia (booo!) but you can see a shortened version he re-performed on the US series.

And I must make mention of Peter Everett getting dumped from Ready Steady Cook as #6 post. Those comments kept coming for a year over a series of posts as people wondered what went wrong. Rob Palmer attracted a similar flood of support.

But a few clarifications. This list is from 2009 onwards when Google Analytics was applied to the site’s back end. Strictly speaking it’s not a list of the most read posts in a decade, but as close as records indicate.

I have also focussed on individual stories and avoided home page, TV Lounge, Calendar, Guides etc.

2013 Curtain Down on Dance Academy 85,454
2009 Ukraine’s Got Real Talent 82,097
2015 Miss Fisher: Anything is Possible 77,085
2015 OMG. Adam Looking for Eve with Total Full Frontal Nudity Coming to SBS 2 73,744
2014 Breathtaking routine from So You Think You Can Dance Australia Brings Show to Standstill 68,506
2011 Southern Star boss: “I fired Peter Everett” 64,926
2016 7flix is on the Air 64,914
2014 Auditions: The Block 2015 64,673
2008 Freeview confirmed for 2009 58,230
2013 Offspring: Why we Killed off Patrick 57,766
2012 Cameras Roll on Dance Academy Season Three 56,334
2014 Where to for Puberty Blues? 50,128
2014 Rob Palmer exits Better Homes & Gardens, new presenters announced 48,445
2010 Auditions: Junior MasterChef 47,013
2008 ONE HD bumps TEN HD into limbo 46,297
2016 Nine announces cast for Doctor Doctor 46,059
2008 Key cast announced for Underbelly 2 43,682
2009 SBS2 Guide 43,682
2010 7mate and GEM on Foxtel?: the fine print 43,682
2014 Richard Roxburgh signals the end of Rake 43,682


  1. Thank you for reminding us of Michael Damaski’s amazing performance. I really enjoyed this show and I am so surprised Aussie’s didn’t embrace it. Having said that your article highlights the fact that the show did attract interest. Agree that Michael Damaski’s dance routine is phenomenal & it was great to view again despite being a different version.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I still live in hope Rob Palmer will turn up somewhere…I have never watched BH&G since….
    And this list is just one of the many things that make this site so interesting…and constantly brings me back..

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