Will & Grace revival confirmed

Actor Leslie Jordan was right….

Will & Grace is returning for a 10 episode run after all.

The news was confirmed yesterday for the  2017-18 US season.

NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke

Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes are all returning as well as creators/executive producers Max Mutchnick and David Kohan and veteran director James Burrows, who directed every episode of the show during 8 year run. Amazing.

The 9th season confirmation follows a truckload of adoration following a recent “secret reunion” video in which the quartet proved they still had the zing.

“We started talking with Mutchnick and Kohan about producing new episodes right after they shot the secret reunion show back in September, and the fact that all four of the original stars were excited about getting back into production is a testament to the joyful experience they had doing nearly 200 episodes for eight seasons,” said Salke, “Few things cut through the clutter these days, especially in comedy, and Will and Grace is one of the best.”

Deadline reports the premise for the revival is still being worked out but is expected to pick up the characters’ stories a decade after the 2006 finale.

“We’re thrilled that one of the smartest, funniest, and most defining comedies in NBC history is coming back,” said NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt. “This groundbreaking series for everything from gay rights to social and political commentary — all disguised as a high-speed train of witty pop culture — is coming back where it belongs.”


    • The premise of the show is they are living together, and the old sitcom rule is that characters never change / learn, so I would expect to see them rooming. And I think the fans will want that too. But you’re right in a sense that he will need a committed relationship too. When the show started it was during the “don’t ask / don’t tell era.” They avoided him having a long term bf because the audience was still nervous about watching actual affection. Jack went down the bf road before Will could. 10 years on from its finale it will need to address broad acceptance and gay marriage.

  1. So happy about this! It still holds up all these years later. Let’s just ignore the series finale and pick right back up with Will & Grace in their apartment and Jack and Karen’s crash antics.

  2. Ahhh im so excited i just watch all 200 eps on stan over the last few weeks and was devastated when i got to the end, but now there’s gonna be more yay!!!

  3. The way it ended thou .. like they hadn’t stayed in contacted n ran into each other when they were old .. a total diss to the whole series ..

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