Airdate: Murder Calls Australia

Nine’s new crime series Murder Calls Australia, will screen Wednesday nights from mid-February.

Produced by Screentime Banijay and narrated by Leila McKinnon, the series looks set to go up against Seven’s Murder Uncovered, presented by Michael Usher.

Narrated by Leila McKinnon, Murder Calls Australia reveals cases that were solved by the power of one of our most innocuous devices – the phone. It gives a never-before-seen or heard insight into the minds of the murderers through crucial phone calls that finally cracked the case and put the killers behind bars.

The series features calls from witnesses, the public, the perpetrators, even eerily from some victims beyond the grave – calls you have never heard before.

Each episode tells the story of one of Australia’s most shocking murder cases. The series features previously unseen interviews with the victims’ families and the police, as well as unearthed crime scene footage and the phone calls that delivered the key piece of information and evidence that brought some of Australia’s worst killers to justice.

Episode one follows the investigation into the murder of multi-millionaire Herman Rockefeller, a devoted husband, father of two and model citizen from the affluent Melbourne suburb of Malvern.

However, unbeknown to his family and friends, the 51-year-old property investor had a dark secret: a hidden double life. His four mobile phones and many aliases took him to the other side of town where his need for sex eventually turned deadly.

When Rockefeller disappeared his family and the police were at a loss. Not a trace of evidence or information came to light until a series of phone calls gave the police the breakthrough they needed. The calls, one from an observant member of the public and another from someone within Rockefeller’s dark and seedy secret world, shocked his family, police and a nation, but they were the key evidential moments that turned the investigation and located his killers.

8:40pm Wednesday February 15 on Nine.


  1. Channel nine are so jealous of seven, yet a few years ago they were the number one channel, but don’t remember seven being so petty about that, and I too hope Ushers programme blitz it’s rival.

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