Airdate: Training Day

New crime series, based on the Denzel Washington & Ethan Hawke film, begins this Sunday on Seven.

New US crime series Training Day, based on the 2001 film starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, begins this Sunday on Seven.

The small screen version stars Bill Paxton as Detective Frank Roarke, and Justin Cornwell as rookie cop Kyle Craig.

The cast also includes Julie Benz (Dexter, Roswell, No Ordinary Family, Hawaii Five-0).

With Lethal Weapon on Nine that makes Sundays the night for adaptations and buddy shows.

It premiered in the US earlier this month.

A gritty, intense drama from Jerry Bruckheimer, Training Day is a reimagining of the groundbreaking film of the same name, beginning 15 years later and exploring a modern-day Los Angeles in all its guts and glory. The LAPD’s Kyle Craig (Justin Cornwell) is one of the good guys. An idealistic, rookie cop bumped up to detective in an elite and elusive unit that goes after the worst of the worst. He’s been tasked to expose the corruption of veteran cop Frank Rourke (Bill Paxton, Big Love), a charming but crooked, morally ambiguous detective. As the bullets fly and we enter the undercover world with these partners who don’t trust each other, who’s training who?

10:30pm Sunday on Seven.

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  1. Interesting that the roles are swapped in the tv series ie the black cop is the rookie unlike the film should we read anything into that or am just cynical? Imagine if Riggs was black on lethal weapon tv series?

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