Fetch TV offers $6 streaming

Fetch TV has confirmed new entry-level packages, as low as $6 a month, along with the addition of ten more premium channels.

The new “Skinny” packs, available from Monday are Kids (10 channels), Knowledge (17), Vibe (13) and Variety (9).

A new Ultimate Pack comprising all 49 channels is also available at $20 per month.

Existing subscribers will have the option to remain on their current pack, or migrate to the new packs.

The new “Skinny” packs include premium content from leading channel providers including Disney, ESPN, BBC, NBCUniversal, Viacom, Nickelodeon, Turner, Fox Networks Group, and Scripps among others.

The new packs will include ten channels, not currently available in the existing Fetch TV Entertainment Pack. These are; Disney XD, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, CBeebies, ZooMoo, 13th Street, MTV Classic, 111 Very Funny, Edge Sports, and Garage TV.

Additional channel launches are planned for later in 2017.

Scott Lorson, CEO Fetch TV said “Fetch TV and our partners are committed to growing the Australian Pay TV market by offering unprecedented choice and value. In response to overwhelming consumer feedback, we have gone ‘skinny’ with the introduction of premium channel packs for just $6 per month. These packs usher in a new era of choice and competition, and are expected to cement Fetch TV’s position in the market and fuel our next wave of growth.

“Fetch TV subscribers have come to expect frequent additions to our content offering. Today represents another major milestone, as we add ten more premium channels to the Fetch TV content packs, with more to come.”

“With so many choices now available, consumers are now looking for a single service that offers all their favourite entertainment in the one place”, said Lorson. “Fetch TV has listened, learned, developed and delivered. Fetch TV and our partners now offer this compelling and differentiated service at prices never before seen in Australia. It’s a great time to be an entertainment lover.”

NBCUniversal International Networks is pleased to announce a further expansion of channels on the Fetch TV Platform. From Monday, February 27th 13th Street will join a stable of already existing NBCUniversal International channels; E!, Universal Channel, Style, Syfy, CNBC and 13th Street brings the total number of channels to 6 on Fetch TV.

13th Street is the destination for those that love a good “whodunit” with a murder mystery to solve
every hour of the day. Content on 13th Street is smart, gripping crime drama. At the end of the
day it’s the resolution that our viewers crave. The revelation of who committed the crime, or the
sense of justice and safety you feel when the bad guys get caught. Our smart and captivating cases
turn a passion for powerful crime drama into addiction. 13th Street has a gravity that pulls you in and doesn’t let you go, with excitement around every corner.

13th Street is your Partner in Crime, with premieres of Vera, Australian made drama Doctor Blake Mysteries and Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries and iconic favourites such as A Touch of Frost and Miss Marple.

Chris Taylor, Managing Director Distribution and Networks, AU and NZ said “With the addition of 13th Street to the line-up, subscribers now have access to the best crime and suspense dramas from around the world. This further cements our commitment to Australian crime buffs, and our ongoing relationship and growth with Fetch TV who now carry our full suite of channel brands in the Australian market”.

Scott Lorson CEO Fetch said “Fetch TV is thrilled to be adding 13th Street to our service, and offering our customers even more quality content. The addition cements our relationship with NBCU, bringing the number of their channels we carry to five.”


  1. They’re actually well thought out packages as they are age grouped well, for instance having MTV Classic with the Variety pack is a very good idea. It appeals to the same people that would like TV Hits, 111 and etc., now come up with a Smart TV App so you don’t have to buy a box and I might be in.

    • Just upgraded my system ,to the ultimate package, at a cost of just $5 extra as i have a credit of $15 with my Optus/Phone and Internet plan ( $90 ) , plus all the soccer channels as well !!! bargin

  2. This is the sort of pricing Foxtel needs to be competitive with streaming.

    This is of course if those channels are in HD, still not sure I would even pay $20 for SD streaming.

  3. Just wondering I have been with Optus / Fetch and the channel pack are included with my phone and internet , so do we get all the new channel automatically , or what , and what about the soccer channels get included as well , is there a seperate deal for members like myself that have home phone/wifi/Fetch bundles ??

    • Secret Squïrrel

      I thought that about the Variety pack but I guess you could consider the other channels to be free bonuses. Really makes a mockery of Foxtel’s outrageous last-century pricing structure.

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