FOX Sports More channel launching

FOX Sports to launch a new pop-up channel destination, beginning with Australia’s Tour of India tomorrow.

A new FOX Sports channel, the oddly-named FOX Sports More, will launch on Channel 507 tomorrow.

Described as the ‘home of dedicated pop-up channels and selected live sport’ it begins with the opening day of Australia’s Tour of India live from 2:30pm.

Following on from pop-up channels in 2016 with The US Masters and Bathurst, it replaces the Red Button ‘Viewer’s Choice’. Additional content such as alternate camera views or commentary will now be available on smartphones and tablets via foxsports.com.au or the FOX Sports app.

Steve Crawley, Head of Television at FOX Sports, said of the new channel launch: “14,000 hours of live sport broadcast last year meant the existing FOX Sports channels were bursting at the seams, with the Red Button having to pick up the strain of so much in-demand coverage. FOX Sports More will not only mean extra room for all sports at the busiest times of year all in HD, but it will become the home of all FOX Sports’ specially dedicated, pop-up channels, which thanks to their success last year, we’ll be doing more of than ever before.”

To get things started, FOX Sports More will be the only channel in Australia to watch Australia’s tour of India starting on Thursday from 2:30pm. Following the final Test in the series from March 25th, Foxtel subscribers should keep an eye on the schedules for news of more FOX Sports More programming popping up across the year, all in HD.

FOX Sports More will be available for both Foxtel and Foxtel Play, Foxtel’s streaming service, subscribers as well as on Foxtel’s mobile app, Foxtel Go.

FOX Sports More Launch Schedule
Thursday February 23
Cricket: India v Australia – First Test, Day 1                            1430-2300
(includes Legends)
Friday February 24
Cricket: India v Australia – First Test, Day 2                            1430-2300
(includes Legends)
Saturday February 25
Cricket: India v Australia – First Test, Day 3                            1430-2230
Sunday February 26
Cricket: India v Australia – First Test, Day 4                            1430-2230
Monday February 27
Cricket: India v Australia – First Test, Day 5                            1430-2230
Saturday March 4
Surfing: Australian Open – Day 8                                            0725-1730
Cricket: NZ v South Africa – Fifth ODI                                     1730-2330
Sunday March 5
Surfing: Australian Open – Final Day                                       0725-1700
Saturday March 18
Surfing: WSL Gold Coast – Day 5                                            0830-1830
Sunday March 19
Surfing: WSL Gold Coast – Day 6                                            0830-1830
Saturday March 25
Surfing: WSL Gold Coast – Final Day                                       0830-1430
Cricket: India v Australia – Fourth Test, Day 1                         1430-2230
*Times listed as AEDT

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  1. So in their wisdom instead of having the cricket on FS1 where it should be they are putting it on this pop up channel that more than likely the average viewer will have no idea about. Brilliant programming.

  2. Is this just going to bring even more confusion for sports fans who already have red button extra channels when more than one event is shown. I suspect that Fox Sports is trying to spruik the idea of extra value for it’s promotions when trying to attract much needed new customers. Obviously sports is a major selling point for Foxtel but lately even some of that is looking a bit cut price.

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