1. I am a big fan of MKR…but adding the extra round just makes it go on way to long and and I have friends who are loyal watches too and they are getting bored with it too saying it is getting boring the same thing every night…. and a villain in every round now … I think seven got greed thinking the longer it is on the box more ratings but people get bored with it going on and on until April this year

  2. So glad MKR has been beaten! Hopefully the numbers will keep dropping it’s not about the food it’s about the drama even the commercials are too lol- MAFS is an interesting social experiment better than people bitching around the dinner table?

    • How very true. Due to statistical errors MAFS may have won by 2000 or even 3000 or even lost. One thing for sure is that it’s good to see good healthy competition.

  3. it finally happened. finally something has beaten MKR and looks like the viewers have finally had enough of MKR.
    7 will be shocked and angry at those figures today and they could be wronged because colin has his round next.
    So David TodayExtra has beaten TheMorningShow

  4. barrington bumbaclaart

    Ice Wars rated poorly, but got better ratings than it deserved. That type of harmful, sensationalist garbage has no place on the ABC.

    Was interesting reading an article yesterday, written by one of the series’ contributors (and professor at the National Drug Research Institute), slamming the production as “overblown” and “unhelpful”. To say that is daming would be an understanding. Shame on the producers and ABC’s factual department for allowing this rubbish to go to air.

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