Married at First Sight bride crashes into police car amid filming drama

Reality participant flees filming and collides with police car, which network attributes to a "misunderstanding."

Almost sounds like a scene from UnREAL….

Nine has denied an altercation took place between a producer on Married at First Sight and reality participant, Scarlett Cooper.

The Sunday Telegraph reports Cooper decided not to proceed with a statement she made to Glebe police alleging she was grabbed by a male producer, dragged inside a function centre and prevented from leaving during filming on January 30.

According to Cooper, a 20-minute pursuit by a film crew through Lilyfield ended only when, hysterical and disorientated, she slammed into a police car that was dispatched after she made a Triple 000 call.

Nine said police involvement was down to a misunderstanding.

“As a duty of care, a producer followed her off set to ensure her safety. A misunderstanding resulted in police attending to also ensure Scarlett’s safety,” a spokeswoman said.

Cooper is partnered with ‘stripper’ Michael on the Nine reality series.

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