Renewed: Married at First Sight

Buoyed by its early figures, Nine renews its dating show for a fifth season.

Nine has renewed Married at First Sight for a fifth season.

The dating show will go into production later this year and air in 2018. Sensibly, Nine has resisted the temptation for 2 seasons a year, as it has done in the past.

Nine’s Head of Content, Production and Development, Adrian Swift,said: “We are so proud of Married at First Sight and its performance. It is a terrific show that is emotionally charged, full of love, and provides couples with a real shot at finding love. It’s no wonder everyone is talking about it. We can’t wait to see what the next series will bring.”

There’s no question the show has drawn good numbers for Nine, of around 1.1m viewers, and made the battle with My Kitchen Rules much tighter. After the failure of both Australia’s Got Talent and The Farmer Wants a Wife last year, Nine is in a neck and neck race with Seven.

The expanded series, now produced by Endemol Shine Australia, has also attracted plenty of press coverage, usually around sensationalist reality angles.

Endemol Shine Australia CEO, Mark Fennessy, said: “We are thrilled to be recommissioned for another season of Australia’s most controversial and groundbreaking series. Season four has proven to be a ratings hit for Nine and we’re looking forward to taking it further in season five on this much talked about show.”

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  1. so a show that makes marriage a joke is being renewed tv shows are a joke this and real house wives they are real house wives in wealthy subs they do not represent all of Syd Mel or where ever

      1. Then mayb market the show for what it really is ? Don’t hide behind marrage when some people in real life aren’t allowed to yet people in reality shows who pretend to like each other n stay married for their 15 mins are ?? Sick

  2. They shouldn’t be called “reality” shows. Needs to be more like “a bit of reality and a bit of creative editing”. If you know that some of these reality shows are slightly manufactured (with some truths) and just enjoy it for the entertainment, then that’s okay. I think if you take it as all true when it airs, that’s a mistake. Eg the people who play the villains on MKR. they’re not 100 percent awful all of the time in real life. The producers are only putting in nasty comments and leaving out most if not all of the nice comments to create the “villains” Basically, in a nutshell, you have to take these shows with a grain of salt and enjoy the ride.

    1. Very true n well said .. it’s just sad some people don’t no any better , not everybody lives on the internet n sees what is what ..a lot of people would take it to heart n mayb even think this show has a chance of finding real love ..regardless if it had worked out for one or two over endless seasons of crap

  3. It’s fake thou ..all the articles from the contestants ..it’s more fake then most reality shows ..putting together verbal statements from old conversations over new material ..it’s just not on .. and nine have the cheek to say it’s more real then celebrity n mkr ..

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