Renewed: The OA

Netflix has renewed its polarising supernatural series The OA for “Part II”.

The series launched to considerable buzz in December despite little pre-publicity.

But its slow-burn and hypnotic storytelling divided audiences.

“We always thought of it almost like books, and there could be many different volumes,” star and co-creator Britt Marling said, of why they’re calling the second season “part two.” “In some ways, [part one] is a self-contained story,” in terms of the OA’s relationship with a teacher and a group of kids, and how her own story “allows them to face their own moment of crisis at the end,” she continued. “The science-fiction, metafictional elements are open-ended so there can be a part two in which we can delve into those spaces.”

An episode count or return date has not been revealed.

Source: Vulture


  1. I think that’s a bad move and the money could be better invested in another show

    I have one episode left to watch – I’ll finish it as I have so much time invested in it already

    But I wouldn’t be coming back for a second season

    As it it is – I need to intersperse watching this with many other shows

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