Returning: Jonathan Creek

ABC screens the Jonathan Creek 2016 Christmas special, starring Alan Davies & Sarah Alexander, later this month.

In Daemon’s Roost, Jonathan is confronted with his most mysterious and macabre case yet.

This guest stars Warwick Davis, Emun Elliott and Rosalind March.

Five years after leaving the windmill, Jonathan Creek and wife Polly are happily installed in the countryside. They’re ready to leave the world of crime-solving and grisly deaths behind them – but the ‘real world’ isn’t quite ready for Jonathan Creek.

Just a few miles from Creek’s country retreat lies the dark and foreboding Daemons’ Roost, once home to the sadistic sorcerer, Jacob Surtees. Legend goes that Surtees would kidnap his victims and, with impossible feats of telekinesis, launch them into the fiery pits of hell.

150 years after Surtees’ death and the manor is now occupied by another equally macabre figure: veteran film director Nathan Clore. The director is in poor health and desperate to tell his step-daughter Alison the truth about what happened to her family when she was just a child. But the building’s dark history still haunts its inhabitants. It isn’t long before eerie spirits are stalking the corridors once more. Jonathan Creek is summoned to delve into the past and solve the riddle of Daemons’ Roost. Will Creek unravel this family mystery in time – or will reality prove the deadliest illusion of all?

Friday 24 February at 8.30pm on ABC.

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