Returning: Maigret

A second Maigret mystery, featuring Rowan Atkinson, will air next Sunday night on BBC First.

Maigret’s Dead Man also features Shaun Dingwall (The Mark of Cain), Leo Starr (Call the Midwife), Lucy Cohu (The Queen’s Sister), Aidan McArdle (The Duchess), David Dawson (Luther), Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter), Rebecca Night (Wuthering Heights).

Two further telemovies have been commissioned by ITV.

This 90 minute special is the second instalment of the gripping crime story Maigret set in 1950s Paris featuring globally renowned actor Rowan Atkinson as Maigret.

In Maigret’s Dead Man, a series of vicious, murderous attacks on three wealthy farms in Picardy hit the national headlines and the elite Brigade Criminelle at the Quay Des Orfevres is called upon to lend its expertise in tracking down the brutal gang responsible for the slaughter. However, Maigret is resolute in investigating the murder of an obscure anonymous Parisian. An investigation that ultimately solves both crimes.

Sunday February 26 at 8.30pm on BBC First.


  1. watching Maigret was like watching a sedated Hercule Poirot suffering flu, as much as this production is up to the usual British standard it will take a while for Rowan’s Mr Bean to disappear. David Jason as Frost set the standard for a comedic actor to be taken seriously in a detectives role.

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