SKY News presenter under fire for homophobic comments at fundraiser

SKY News presenter Ross Cameron is under fire after making homophobic comments at a fundraising dinner for the Q Society in Manly RSL last night.

The event, with Angry Anderson as MC, heard guests including cartoonist Larry Pickering and writer Gabrielle Lord (Conspiracy: 365) criticise Muslims and political correctness.

Ross Cameron, who presents SKY’s Outsiders with Mark Latham and Rowan Dean, constantly mentioned homosexuality in his speech according to Fairfax.

He said Socrates “might have had a bit of same-sex attraction” and the Roman emperor Hadrian had a young male lover who “fell off the back of a barge”.

“I’m sure he was snorting coke at the time,” he said.

“The NSW division of the Liberal Party is basically a gay club,” he told guests.

“I don’t mind that they are gay, I just wish, like Hadrian, they would build a wall.”

The media was derided by many of the speakers. The ABC was referred to as “the enemy station” and Cameron made special mention of reporters present from the “Sydney Morning Homosexual”.

“Trigger warning for the Herald, there are heterosexuals in the room…I have to warn you there are some males who are attracted to females in this room.”

Larry Pickering said,”Let’s be honest, I can’t stand Muslims.

“If they are in the same street as me, I start shaking” before adding “They are not all bad, they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings.”

SKY News told TV Tonight, “Ross Cameron will appear on the Friday Show, SKY News Live (Channel 601) after 4pm today to answer some tough questions from Janine Perrett.”

Another fundraiser will be held tonight in Melbourne.

Photo: Fairfax


  1. It takes a special kind of person to make the likes of One Nation & Rise Up Australia look good.

    Ross Cameron, Larry Pickering, and their friends at the Q Society are very special people indeed…

  2. Janine tried to grill Ross for the first 20 minutes of her program. Waste of screen time. She didn’t really prosecute much of a case. He is a runaway train.

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