The Simpsons predicted Lady Gaga Super Bowl show

The Simpsons did it again.

Not content with predicting President Trump several years ago, now a 2012 episode featuring Lady Gaga as the Super Bowl halftime show.

It even had her suspended from above with a light show, of sorts, in the sky.

There were even similarities in the costuming. Ok no fire-blasting bra.


  1. I prefer to think that it’s all Salvador Dali’s fault…..what’s happening in America. Just imagine ridiculous, delusional, and the absolute worst stereotype of America (think drones) and somebody famous will put it in a blender and then show the result on tv. Her recitation of fundamental principles of the former America, with no trace of irony, made me sick. I am a sad ex pat. Soon I will begin to blame The Simpsons for everything that is wrong in America, if The Donald doesn’t beat me to it.

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