TV ad revenue declined 2.72%

Television advertising revenue declined 2.72% to $2.23 billion for the six months to December 31, 2016.

The figures were released by Think TV, incorporating metropolitan and regional revenues from commercial broadcasters, including Nine Network, Seven Network and Network TEN.I t also includes national advertising revenues from Multi Channel Network/Foxtel and SBS.

Kim Portrate, chief executive of ThinkTV said, “The new Total TV metric is further proof of the industry’s commitment to work collaboratively to provide advertisers and their agencies with a clear view of advertising revenue in the TV sector. It shows a willingness to communicate transparently and clearly with clients and customers to ensure they have the information they need to get the very best out of today’s TV, which is multi-platform, anywhere and anytime,.”

The Total TV figure also including long form AVOD (advertising-funded video-on-demand) revenues. While still a small part of overall revenue, itgrew by 48% to $38.1 million.

“We have come together through an unprecedented collaboration between free-to-air and subscription TV and we are delighted that all commercial TV operators, including SBS, have provided their data to allow us to reflect the true scale of advertising on TV,” said Portrate.

“Today’s TV is multi-platform, everywhere, anytime and retains unbeatable reach and scale. TV’s premium content makes it the most brand-safe environment for advertisers, its independent third-party ratings system is the gold-standard for audience measurement and repeated studies show that TV delivers a better return-on-investment for brands than any other media.”

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  1. We already have infomercial intrusions and corporate promotion disguised as reality TV. There’s also the question of the add on streaming services with numerous commercial cuts included and of course the burgeoning extra digital channels run by the major networks which provide almost non stop product promotions late at night. Greed is good as a movie once said.

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