Twitter to Live stream Oscars

Twitter is partnering with IMDb to Live stream the Academy Awards next Monday, in direct competition with Nine and 9Now live streaming.

The move is likely to rile Free TV bosses who have argued against other platforms moving in on event television. Last year Twitter Live streamed the Melbourne Cup, which is on the anti-siphoning list.

Twitter’s stream will feature a companion show hosted by Dave Karger and Amazon’s Rachel Smith, from the IMDb industry viewing party.

Viewers can tune-in on Twitter, even if they don’t have a Twitter account, via Oscars Viewing Party from 12 Noon AEDT on Monday 27th February (ceremony begins 12:30pm).

Nine also broadcasts the Oscars Live from 12:30pm AEDT Monday.


  1. Saw a bit of IMDb streaming this afternoon. Dave and Rachel interviewed guests during ad breaks for the Oscars. However there was no live vision from the actual awards, only Oscar trivia and list of this year’s nominees. I wonder if this was done to please Channel Nine (or any other overseas broadcasters) which has the rights to show the awards?

  2. hmmmm… no thanks twitter… I rather watch it on a large screen with awesome sounds for free…..
    and save my mobile data allowance for services I cant get on free to air tv…. cheers!

    • Secret Squïrrel

      hmmmm… if only there was some way to get web pages onto your large screen tv using your ADSL / NBN data. Then it’d be the best of both worlds – free and ad-free.

  3. So if Nine cut away before the show actually finishes (like they did a couple of years ago when Seth McFarlane hosted) there will be a back-up option. Sounds good.

  4. I am sure nine will try and get a court injunction to shut twitter down so this doesn’t happen. No channel nine ads, I will watch via Twitter. Maybe channel 9, 7 can get together and ponder there relevance in 2017.

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