Watch AFL to stream matches Live outside Australia

FOX Sports has announced a new way to stream AFL outside of Australia, with its first direct to consumer international streaming product.

Watch AFL will feature every AFL game Live plus all of FOX Sports AFL entertainment shows, designed to take the sport to an international audience.

Fans can try the new product for free until March 23, 2017 with pricing then starting at $19 a week, $33 a month or $189 for a season pass.

FOX Sports has also been appointed the AFL’s sales agent for the international AFL broadcast rights from 2018.

FOX Sports CEO Patrick Delany said: “FOX Sports is Australia’s sports leader, delivering the best sport in the world across multiple products. The new Watch AFL service will share our love of AFL with fans around the world.

“Australians travelling or living overseas won’t miss a minute of their team live in action, plus new fans will be able to learn more about the players and the game with all of FOX Sports’ award-winning programs delivering the best insight and analysis.

“The new partnership will help grow the game globally, taking AFL to more markets, across more platforms and reaching more fans than ever before.”


  1. Is interesting to see that Fox Sports has taken over the streaming service for the AFL; a service that I have used on and off as I’ve travelled for the past few years. Hopefully with the addition of Foxtel it will be able to get delayed viewings/replays up quicker than they have in the past.

    I’m not sure how they can justify the increase in mostly price two years in a row. It was $25pm in 2015, $28 in 2016 and now $33 in 2017.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Cost seems rather high. The advertised price for adding all of Foxtel sports channels to a standard package is $29/mth. For most people that’ll be over a terrestrial connection. Not sure how Foxtel’s bean counters came up with a value of $33/mth just for AFL, especially as it’ll be streamed over a take-it-as-you-find-it international internet connection.

  3. It’s the code making strong inroads into Pacific countries thanks to the extensive coverage by Australia Plus every week. As NRL is no longer available, apparently thanks to the new owner of Sky Pacific, AFL is now the only code being promoted in the regions.

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