60 Minutes: Mar 19

This Sunday on 60 Minutes, it’s two Stefanovics for the price of…. two.

The episode features stories on radicalisation in the school grounds, marriage behind bars and the son of Australia’s first billionaire.

Curiously the description of Peter Stefanovic’s report takes a much different tone to one he posted on Instagram.

Lessons of Hate
In some schools it seems learning the three Rs, reading, writing and arithmetic, is no longer enough. There is now a fourth R: “radicalisation”. Education authorities are so worried about a rise in religious extremism among students that they have identified dozens of Australian schools as possible breeding grounds for junior jihadis. Equally worrying, earlier this month the principal and deputy of one high school in Sydney’s south-west were stood down after refusing to implement a government de-radicalisation initiative. It was a program designed to counter anti-social and extremist behaviour. The replacement principal is now promising to teach students core Aussie values. But is that enough in the battle for our kids’ hearts and minds?
Reporter: Karl Stefanovic
Producers: Steve Jackson, Ali Smith

Life Sentence
Danielle Laskie is an intelligent and kind healthcare worker from Melbourne who’s devoted to helping others. But is she too devoted? Maybe even a little bit naïve? Two years ago she started exchanging letters with a murderer serving a 63-year stretch in a US prison. Almost immediately the pen-pals became partners, and then last year they literally married at first sight inside one of America’s toughest jails. It’s probably not how most brides imagine their weddings will be, but Danielle is blissfully happy with her life sentence and she’s now campaigning to prove her husband’s innocence. Which begs the question: is the con conning his new bride?
Reporter: Peter Stefanovic
Producers: Grace Tobin, Sean Power

A Fortunate Life
Peter Holmes à Court knows he has had – and is still having – a very fortunate life. As the son of Australia’s first billionaire, corporate raider Robert Holmes à Court, Peter was always destined for a career in the business world. For a while he did just that. In 2006, he and actor Russell Crowe famously took over one of our most revered footy clubs, the South Sydney Rabbitohs. But less well known is the personal cost Holmes à Court paid for helping steer Souths back to greatness. His marriage failed, as did his business partnership with Crowe – bitterly. So, finding himself at a crossroads in his life, Peter Holmes à Court decided to go back to where his story began, back to the spectacular wilds of Africa.
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producer: Nick Greenaway

8:30pm Sunday on Nine.

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