ABC viewers petition to #SaveDrBlake

Irate fans of The Doctor Blake Mysteries are hoping a petition to save the show from ending will be as successful as the campaign that rescued A Place to Call Home. petition, started by fan Kylie Ferguson, has over 6,5oo signatures.

“…..the entire Doctor Blake fandom, known as #BlakeArmy to many, has been left shell-shocked, devastated and many rather angry about the ABC’s shock decision to cancel the show after the upcoming 5th season, to be aired later this year,” she writes.

A second petition, by TV Tonight reader Lyn Belcher, has some 600 signatures.

Meanwhile star Craig McLachlan has indicated he is disappointed the show is wrapping with a telemovie, rather than proceeding to a sixth season.

“Friends, my glorious crew and I were ready to rock …what does that tell ya?” he wrote on social media. “There really is no business quite like show business.”

At the time of its axing, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, remains ABC’s highest-rating local drama.


  1. Only a stupid person would shoot their prize pig while its still winning ribbons. But apparently the ABC has some very odd people in their management midst.

  2. Hmmmm, popular ABC show at peak of powers gets the unexpected shock-chop with an ‘official’ very sanitised statement from the producers is issued quickly followed by ‘WTF?!’ tweets from insiders? This sounds alarmingly familiar *coughGoodGamecough*.

  3. There’s a few co productions keeping popular shows going, examples can be seen coming from Norway, Sweden and France, though the use of tax credit plays a major role as it does in the USA, with a fair bit of it’s TV production done in Canada.
    Home and Away was saved by the UK which bankrolled the show,
    Though not a fan this show has good production values, so if it’s worth saving the ABC and it’s producers should stop looking for tax funding and become sales people instead, offer a deal to Foxtel for worldwide distribution.

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