Airdate: Cleopatra

Aficionados of all things Egyptian please be alerted to yet another special on Cleopatra screening this Sunday night on SBS.

This one includes re-enactments and interviews with various experts.

A queen, a seductress, a living Goddess with a reputation that became legendary. Cleopatra explores the reasons why the name still resonates through the centuries.

With sumptuous drama reconstruction and evidence from key experts including Bettany Hughes, Dr Chris Naunton and Dr Robert Steven Bianchi, this is the true story behind Egypt’s most famous ruler.

This captivating documentary reveals how Cleopatra survived a murderous and incestuous dynasty, secured her future by seducing the greatest leader in Rome, and how her eventual fall from grace and ultimate death meant history would never forget her.

Sunday, 26 March at 8.35pm on SBS.

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