Airdate: Gogglebox UK

Hit series Gogglebox UK is getting a run on LifeStyle next month, which will open up some likely comparisons between Aussie and British casts.


Updated: Foxtel has supplied new info which indicatesĀ Sept-Dec 2016 episodes.

ThisĀ is narrated by Caroline Aherne, who sadly died last July.

Will Gogglebox Australia review Gogglebox UK?

Gogglebox Australia has been ground breaking for Lifestyle and has smashed ratings records time and time again! Similar to the Australian version, Gogglebox UK is an entertaining television review programme, narrated by Caroline Aherne, in which Britain’s favourite TV viewers share their sharp, insightful and sometimes emotional critiques of the week’s best and worst television shows.

Wednesdays from April 12 at 7.30pm on LifeStyle.


  1. I loved the UK gogglebox. I remember when they announced the aussie version thinking if they don’t get the casting right it will be an absolute flop. Needless to say, they got it spot on.

  2. Although frustrating for those of us who already watch the show and were hoping for an express from the UK airing of the current season, I can see why the have held back. The show does often reveal crucial plot points of drama series, Bake Off winners, and other results, many of which we don’t have airing here at the same time, so would be spoilers. Series one of the UK version was good, but it really picks up in season two when they bring in some new families and boot out some of the less interesting ones.

    • Revealing spoilers is all the more reason for foxtel to get everything across the board express from the originating broadcaster.

      You are paying big money for foxtel after all and the contempt they show their customers is unreal. This is not 1997 anymore foxtel.

      Pretty much everything foxtel airs, with the exception of sport, can be viewed for free earlier somewhere else in the world online.

  3. I look forward to this but hope it wont reveal any spoilers from upcoming uk dramas on bbc first, like revealing the ending of a murder series.

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