Anh Do paints Rosie Batty for Brush with Fame

2015 Australian of the Year Rosie Batty will be one of the subjects who sits for an Anh Do portrait in the next season of Anh Do’s Brush with Fame.

Batty became a campaigner against domestic violence in 2014 after her 11 year old son Luke was tragically murdered by his father in Tyabb, Victoria.

Bound to be an emotional episode…

Brush with Fame was an instant hit for ABC and easily greenlit for a second season.

Also coming up in the next season is paralympian Kurt Fearnley, who has won gold at Athens & Beijing events.

A return date has not yet been announced.

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  1. Doctor Gecko Kuranda

    Ahn. Brilliant.
    I’ve worked in TV and radio production and training for over 40 years and your show tonight with Rosie Batty is about the best ABC television I have seen.
    Talk about the medium being the message. Hyperbole notwithstanding.
    Your format, simply innovative. Your interviewing style, refreshing. Your listening skills and reactions, superlative. Your painting, I was on the edge of my sofa, exceeded. It was not just the face, but what you painted on her shoulders that made the masterpiece.
    Would love to keep in contact and would love to arrange to have you give a callout on my Kuranda Far North Queensland FM radio station Gecko FM 88.0.
    My professional compliments to your producers and production team. You’ve all confirmed my faith in television as a restorative, informative and creative medium of cultural and artistic understanding.
    If you get the chance Ahn,…

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