Axed: Couch Time

ELEVEN hosted segments will end production on March 31, after a 6 year run.

ELEVEN is ending its hosted Couch Time segments featuring Brissy presenters Billy Bentley and Carina Waye.

TEN told News Corp the show would cease production on March 31 due to a “reallocation of resources”.

“Network TEN would like to sincerely thank Billy Bentley and Carina Waye for their hard work and commitment to the show, and wish them all the very best for the future,” a spokesman said.

Couch Time has been a part of the channel since its launch in 2011, first with Jason “Labby” Hawkins and Stewart “Stav” Davidson.




In 2013 TEN was locked in a legal battle over the title with Perth Community TV presenter Fred Mafrica, who had trademarked The Couch, eventually resolved between parties.

In Queensland, TEN still produces Totally Wild, kids cooking show Crocamole, cartoon variety program Toasted TV and science show Scope and TEN Eyewitness News.

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  1. I only ever watched before/after Neighbours. I quite like Carina and Billy.
    I did notice last Monday they’d moved it from after neighbours to before!
    I hope Carina and Billy pop up in something else. 🙂

  2. Oh that’s a shame, I had just seen that they’d gone back to being before neighbours too. I love Billy, wish he’d get a role on neighbours now. The couch time segments don’t really go with the other late afternoon shows any more, which seem to be aimed at older men. Two hours of King of Queens and Frasier is boring compared to the variety of shows they used to show between four and six.

  3. This show was annoying because you couldn’t see what the real show coming up next was. The Guide would only show this one, which only lasted a few minutes. Unnecessary filler.

  4. Growing up, I hated the fact that cartoons were punctuated with the inanity of the Cheez TV boys, and I don’t like my “grown-up” shows punctuated with the likes of these guys either. Good riddance. If I wanted inane commentary on what I’ve just watched/about to watch, I can just jump on Facebook/Twitter for that.

  5. Oh no! I enjoyed Couch Time particularly after Neighbours with all the interviews and discussion regarding storylines. Carina and Billy were great. Hope Ten has something else for them.

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