Ben Lawson cast in NBC pilot

Aussie Ben Lawson has been cast in an NBC comedy pilot, What About Barb?

Based on the 1991 Bill Murray movie What About Bob?, the series centres on Suzanne (Leah Remini), who tries to cut ties with her most overbearing patient, Barb, but is unsuccessful and gains an annoying family member in the process.

ABCs TV reboot includes a gender switch from the film, with a female patient, Barb (Jessica Gunning) and Dr. Suzanne Marvin (Remini).

Ben Lawson will play Ryan, Suzanne’s fiance, a former Ohio State linebacker who maintains manliness while basically doing the duties of a housewife.

Lawson, brother of Josh Lawson, has appeared in The Deep End, Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apartment 23, Wild Card and previously Neighbours.

Source: Deadline

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