Betting agency opens odds on axe for Biggest Loser


Online betting agency Sportsbet is offering odds that The Biggest Loser: Transformed will be axed, after just 2 episodes have aired.

The show has had a disappointing launch at just 450,000 viewers, failing to budge on its second night beyond 453,000 viewers.

Sportsbet is offering $1.35 that the show will be axed after this season.

Dumping the show over to ELEVEN or only airing on Tenplay also pays $5.00.

Not finishing the whole season pays $11 while there is even $51 paying for TEN to bring back Steve “Commando” Willis to boost ratings.

“The odds don’t look great for The Biggest Loser’s prospects and it could get dropped quicker than any of the contestants’ weight,’’ said Sportsbet’s Will Byrne.

But TEN is sticking by the series.

Yesterday TEN Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey said:“The Biggest Loser: Transformed is a strong, positive and entertaining show and we are confident Australians will embrace it. Judging it on the basis of one night’s overnight TV ratings is premature. The feedback from critics and on social media has been extremely positive. The transformations of the contestants over the next eight weeks are amazing.”

Trainer Libby Babet told TV Tonight the show had ditched exploitation of contestants for nutrition, exercise and positivity, with relatable participants Australians.

“It is a hard message to get out but I have to trust that the audience will come along for the ride,” she said.


  1. Probably needed to be 3 not 5 episodes a week. I’ve watched one and a half so far but tues, wed and thurs are the best nights for drama and gogglebox for me on f.t.a so there is no time to add another reality when your trying to catch up on late night drama from the night before.

  2. Hahaha. Wow. That’s gotta hurt!

    Although hasn’t the season already finished filming? So even if they wanted to, it would be too late to bring back Commando. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if him and Michelle make an appearance at the Finale.

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