Cameras roll on more Offspring

Season 7 is now in production, tipped to return to screens in June.

Filming is now underway on season 7 of Offspring, according to the press release TEN has again given to News Corp first ahead of its wider release today.

Offspring is a dream job,” Kat Stewart said.

“[It’s] the opportunity to straddle drama and comedy, to work with a great team, to celebrate family and dysfunction, and to spend time with characters who are surprising, flawed and challenging. It’s so great to be back.”

“It’s always the best fun leaping into a new Offspring series, always exciting and fantastic to continue the journey,” Asher Keddie added.

Head of Drama Rick Maier said, “This may be the toughest year yet for Nina, Billie and Jimmy (Rick Davies), with every relationship under pressure” Maier teased, “but the Proudmans are a sturdy bunch and watching them sort out the chaos is all part of the fun. The scripts are fantastic, the cast is ready and we’re all looking forward to another compelling season of our favourite show.”

Alexander England is returning as Harry Crewe, along with Richard Davies, Linda Cropper, Shannon Berry and Isabella Monaghan.

Producer Imogen Banks told fans to “expect all the excitement and confusion of Nina exploring new love with Harry; the chaos and drama of Billie making unexpected life decisions; and the inevitable joy and shenanigans that come from being part of the Proudman clan. The gang is in fine form and this season promises to see loyal fans very happy.”

The show is tipped to be back on screen in June, with producers then set to dive into new drama, Sisters.

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  1. Season 6 was absolutely awful and lacked all the fantastic writing, humor and heart of the previous seasons. Hoping season 7 is an improvement but Im not too hopeful, this showreally should have just ended at the perfect ending they had with season 5m out on top.

    1. @DAWILCUZ
      Couldn’t agree more. S6 was horrendous. The writing was horrible and it didn’t even feel like the same characters. There was a real disconnect to what the show/characters had been.
      I am willing to give S7 a try because i want it to succeed, but i don’t have high expectations of it being any better.

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