Can Isaiah Firebrace beat a guy with a gorilla suit?

SBS may have to pull out the big guns if Australia has any hope of winning the Eurovision Song Context in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Italy’s arresting Francesco Gabbani is currently the bookie’s tip with his song, “Occidentali’s Karma” and why wouldn’t he be… in his video his act includes a dancing gorilla suit.

In current betting, Australia is ranking sixth with Isaiah Firebrace’s ballad “Don’t Come Easy.”

The other top favourites include Sweden, Belgium, Bulgaria and Portugal.

While it’s still early days on betting, fan sites such as Wiwibloggs have also tipped Italy as the favourite after more than 27,000 votes were cast.

As one of the key financial backers, Italy is automatically through to the Final while soulful Australia has to qualify from our Semi Final.

Might be time to send in the kangaroos?


  1. jezza the first original one

    Its best not to win eurovision as the cost of staging the event is huge. Also, decent music rarely wins and the group/singer disappears into oblivion. Best let a novelty, crappy effort win, that for some strange reason seems to create a sort of national pride within the winning country as opposed to severe embarrassment.

  2. Loved Italy from the first listen – in a way I’m glad our entry isn’t that great this year… I can focus on cheering for Italy!

    That said, the studio versions of Guy’s and Dami’s songs weren’t amazing either but the team managed to stage them really well.

    Italy’s challenge will be maintaining the greatness of the song when they condense it down to 3 minutes as per the rules. The main threats to it will probably be the more novelty leaning songs (which I also really like) from Moldova and Romania. I don’t consider Italy to be novelty – the song is great on its own and the gorilla suit makes sense with the lyrics of the song.

  3. The Australian entry sounds like any old pop song that you’d hear on the radio/charts nowadays. It doesn’t help that the lyrics are trite and meaningless. Songs that use idioms and rhetoric as a foundation are so embarrassingly tacky. Nothing remarkable about it at all.

  4. I think the question we should be asking ourselves is not “can Isaiah Firebrace beat a guy with a gorilla suit”, but “Should Isaiah Firebrace beat a guy with a gorilla suit”?

    And I think we all know there’s only one correct answer to that… 😉

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