Copycat claims pointed at Married at First Sight

TV exec says Nine's show has borrowed ideas from The Bachelor, MKR and Big Brother.

Married at First Sight is being accused of pilfering ideas from other TV shows.

An unnamed rival TV exec has told News Corp Nine’s show has adopted ideas from everything from Survivor to Big Brother.

“They have stolen the parts from other shows which work, they have tried to roll all the controversial bits into one program.

“It’s not that same Married At First Sight, it is nothing like the original show,” they said.

“There are parts which are so The Bachelor, or MKR, and even going back to Big Brother.

“They have tried to make a show that is everything to everyone and it may be doing well now, but it may end up being nothing to nobody.”

But they denied it would trigger a court case similar to MKR vs The Hotplate.

But copycat claims in the Australian market are nothing new. When MKR was born out of My Restaurant Rules, some noticed the format similarities to Come Dine With Me.

Nine’s series was produced by Endemol Shine Australia, which in various incarnations has previously produced Big Brother, The Bachelor and Survivor Australia.

The original format, which ran twice-weekly in 2015 and 2016 with 4 couples, was produced in-house by Nine.

The current series is giving Seven grief, occasionally topping MKR, with wins in the Demos.

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