Dr. Chris Brown too busy for Bondi Vet

Oh doctor! What would Julia Morris say?

Dr. Chris Brown is now so in demand with other TV projects that his time with Bondi Vet appears to have ended.

Producers are on the hunt for a possible successor, with a talent search.

“Unfortunately Dr. Chris Brown won’t be on the show in the future because he is too busy with his commitments as co-host on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and as a travel reporter on The Living Room,” WTFN’s Director of Content, Steve Oemcke, said.

“During eight seasons on Bondi Vet, Chris has certainly set the standard for TV vets, so the new Bondi Vet has very big shoes to fill.”

WTFN is looking for an experienced vet who could either work on the show or anchor their very own vet series.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a talented vet with strong communication skills. The person we are looking for must have a proven track record of caring for animals and their owners,’’ he said.

“A recent post on Facebook requesting people to nominate their favourite vets triggered an amazing response so we have decided to take it one step further and ask the public to go to bondivet.com and nominate the vet they think could be the new Bondi Vet.

WTFN’s catalogue of vet shows is expanding with a UK-based series Vet On The Hill featuring Aussie vet Dr Scott Miller already into a second series for Channel 4, and a pilot for another vet series in the United States under consideration by broadcasters.

Meanwhile, Dr Lisa to the Rescue featuring Bondi Vet co-star Lisa Chimes will air on Nine in July.

“Pet food and pet care is a multi-billion dollar industry in Australia and we know pet owners are looking for ways to fulfill their passion for their special friends,” said WTFN’s Chief Executive Officer, Daryl Talbot.

“WTFN is committed to providing entertainment, information and digital applications that will enhance the experience of pet owners.

“We would love as many pet lovers as possible to nominate their favourite vets. Ideally our national search will find the person who will help us to continue to tell great animals stories for the next decade and beyond.”

“We are going to collect nominations at BondiVet.com and then as part of the selection process we will give the public the opportunity to vote for the person they think should be the next Bondi Vet.”

“The nation’s favourite will receive a program development deal with WTFN, the first step to starring in their own TV show.”

TEN is yet to confirm if Bondi Vet is returning in 2017.


  1. Bondi Vet lost its way quite some time ago. I’ll happily watch any show about animals, but when the Steve Irwin wannabe from the reptile park took over and it became all about crocodiles and snakes, it just left us cold. The premise of the show was a vet dealing with ordinary domestic animals and it turned into a sideshow of that utterly annoying reptile person and Chris heading off to strange places that certainly weren’t Bondi. It was a good show, but lost its way.

    • Maev....Sydney

      My first thoughts also…but she is very busy with her Wonder Dogs…border collies…and other TV appearances…She is all over social media…if you want to know what is happening with her.

  2. I’m sad that Chris isn’t going to host Bondi Vet anymore. I thought he did a great job. But I can’t wait to see who will replace him. Love Bondi Vet. Great show. And I hope it comes back soon.

  3. You’d think that Bondi Vet would be the sort of project that he would rather prioritise than the likes of I’m A Celebrity and Living Room. Money talks, eh? =/

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