Gogglebox tops TEN, Newton’s Law down for ABC.

Ratings: With AFL on Seven and NRL on Nine, Thursday was a messy affair numbers-wise.

It was staggered schedules aplenty last night with AFL on Seven and NRL on Nine. A number of titles did not play in all 5 cities. The key to making sense of it all is looking to the overall shares for the night.

But individually, Gogglebox was again the top entertainment show for the night at 722,000 -increasing on last week’s 674,000 and topping the demos. It proved to be TEN’s best night of the week. A Family Feud special drew 457,000.

But Newton’s Law has slipped once more for ABC, now at 412,000 viewers, its lowest this season. Perhaps it was impacted by sport too? Even Great British Railway Journeys was down for SBS.

Seven News and ABC News both won their slots while The Chase continues to knock off Hot Seat.

Seven network won Thursday with 31.9%, then Nine 27.2%, TEN 19.8%, ABC 15.0% and SBS 6.2%.

Seven News was #1 with 928,000 / 772,000 (the latter in 4 cities) or Seven then Seven’s AFL (591,000), The Chase (538,000 / 338,000) and Home and Away (388,000 in 3 cities). Border Security was 284,000 in 3 cities.

Nine News (916,000 / 909,000) led for Nine then A Current Affair (592,000in 4 cities), Hot Seat (474,000 / 286,000) and Thursday Night NRL (412,000 in 2 cities). RBT was 257,000 in 3 cities, Murder Calls was 228,000 in 3 cities. NRL Footy Show was 183,000 in 2 cities.

Gogglebox will top TEN’s week with 722,000 viewers. TEN Eyewitness News followed with 466,000, then All Star Family Feud (457,000), The Project (453,000 / 310,000), Law and Order: SVU (373,000) and Family Feud (325,000).

ABC News (677,000), Dream Gardens (472,000), 7:30 (467,000), Newton’s Law (412,000) and No Offence (212,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (288,000), SBS World News (152,000), Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong (144,000), Sugar Free Farm (130,000) and The Eighties (113,000).

Peppa Pig reigned supreme over the sheep on multichannels with 204,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 23 March 2017.

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  1. I tried Newtons Law…the concept appealed to me…but the execution did not live up to my expectations…
    I watched All Star Family Feud…not a B&B fan…and have to admit…only watched as the TV was on TEN…and the remote required effort to reach it…but I actually enjoyed it..go figure…

  2. Gogglebox was very funny last night. Suffice to say the reaction of the cast to “photos” of Orlando Bloom was hilarious. Very well edited. Otherwise I thought tribal council on Survivor was an absolute classic

    1. I’ve just watched my recording of Gogglebox and found it hilarious, I think last nights episode was one of the best yet. Even the voiceover had me laughing’with her introductions and comments. I had to ring my daughter and tell her to watch it on catch up as she’s a big Orlando Bloom fan.

  3. I won’t admit that I’m a Gogglebox watcher. Newton’s Law seems to have descended into farce. Great British Railway Journeys is a misnomer as the show is more about the remaining Railway Destinations from George Bradshaw’s Victorian Railway Guidebook. Still interesting ‘tho. So that’s how they get the “pea” into a hand-made referee’s whistle.

  4. This is where the old system of actual
    Ratings would be so much better – alongside the viewership numbers

    For example it’s impossible to compare how a show does that is playing in two markets compared to one that is playing in three markets.

    If we used ratings – we could say that Murder Calls rated an 11 and Footy show rated a 16. So we can tell that even though footy show was just in 2 markets it actually was more popular with hover ratings

    Likewise being able to say 7 News did an 18 in Sydney and a 26 in Perth. We could compare performance equally. Right now looking at viewership numbers we can’t get this snapshot

  5. You say perhaps Newton’s Law is being impacted by sport…I say perhaps people are tired of seeing the same thing over and over and also sick and tired of seeing Claudia Karvan in every thing !!!!

          1. Yes it did.

            Must’ve fallen out of the Top 20 (5 city), because Seven now combine their ratings for a program with the same name that also airs on multi-channels (like the AFL last night).

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