Hell’s Kitchen Australia cast revealed

Filming on Hell’s Kitchen Australia is currently underway in Sydney for Seven, featuring Marco Pierre White.

The roll-call of celebrity participants has been revealed by News Corp:

Lincoln Lewis, House Husbands
Debra Lawrance, Please Like Me
Sam Frost, radio host, The Bachelor
David Oldfield, former politician
Candice Falzon, ironwoman
Jess Fox, Olympian
Willie Mason, former-NRL.
Pettifleur Berrenger, The Real Housewives of Melbourne
Issa Schultz, The Chase
Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle, Geordie Shore

The series puts celebrities in skill based challenges, delivering dinner service in a restaurant with a prize going to charity.

Marco Pierre White conceded while he didn’t know any of the participants, “I’m there to do a job. I’m not there to make friends, which I told them. I’m there to bring the best out of them, to make them want to push themselves to want to do better.”

The ITV Studios show is due on Seven later this year.


  1. Channel 7 has stuffed with this one I don’t want to watch celebs try to cook I want to watch real cooks compete like on Hells Kitchen US such a shame

  2. Andrew Mercado

    How disappointing to see that David Oldfield is being rewarded with yet another reality show after being so horribly rude on First Contact (to indigenous people) and The Real Housewives of Sydney (to his wife). Way to go Seven.

    • And lest we forget he was on Seven’s awful Celebrity Survivor several years ago in which he actually managed to pull off being one of the more likeable ‘celebrities’ present. I guess the more exposure he got over the years made him more odious.

    • I’m sorry Andrew but did you see Oldfield on Real Housewives, the way Lisa treated him was absolutely atrocious airing their dirty laundry in public, but he does have to have last say. All appearance is just suring up next one

  3. Such a shame, I like Hells Kitchen US and was hoping this would be in similar vein and use real world contestants. The fact it is celebrity is disappointing.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I find “celebrity” anything very boring.

      It seems 7 have taken the lazy approach and just called up a few celebrity managers to negotiate appearance fees, rather than going to the trouble of calling for applicants, doing auditions, etc.

      This is both sad and disappointing and doesn’t bode well for the quality of the show that will be produced. I will not be watching this.

  4. Wow that is the worst. Normally I like a few of the celebs in these shows, but this is mired in dross. Sorry Debra you can’t save it. Also love Hell’s Kitchen USA, so it’s really disappointing this is so unappealing.

  5. I’ve heard of everyone on that list except for the Geordie Shore guy. Willie Mason should be good fun and Issa will be interesting viewing. I’ll definitely be watching.

  6. I read an article on news.com about the casting, and it sounds like it’s going for the same b****iness that is currently dominating MKR, if the comments made by David Oldfield, Candice Falzon and the “real housewife” are anything to go by. How tiresome. I’ll skip it, and check on-line sporadically to see if Debra Lawrence wins!

  7. The negativity on this post is astounding, it is all the sheep saying what they think is the popular thing to say about celebrity reality shows.
    Who are these people you all say, if you don’t know who the majority of these people are, well I have no idea why you are on a TV site, and you are clearly lacking on you pop culture knowledge.
    The person who is probably the most obscure is Candice Falzon, but she was amongst the top in her chosen sport and she is married to one of our top cricketers.
    And if it isn’t your cup of tea because you think you are high brow, then simply don’t watch and cut the negativity!

  8. Apart from Debra Lawrence what a tired old group of celebrity wannabes. Same old Country listens cloning to the spotlight in any way they can.

    I predict a disaster & Marco will regret leaving Masterchef.

    Surprised that Debra is the only Home & Awayer in the ‘cast’

  9. Personally I always preferred this format to MasterChef. And if we are being honest MasterChef “borrowed” a lot of the look and challenges format elements from Hells Kitchen which came well before the modern MC revamp.

    Will be interested to see if viewer abondon MC for this one with Marco attached.

  10. I didn’t realise it was going to be celebrity cast. It worked on Masterchef a few years ago because they could laugh together, but I don’t understand how the harshness of Hells Kitchen going to work with clumsy celebs. I guess I will have to wait and see.

    • I agree – I was not thinking it would be a Celebrity edition. Can’t see how Marco put his name to this. Amateur cooks wanting to actually learn the craft maybe, but celebrities seeking a bit more spotlight, I’m just not sure.

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