Kristina Keneally lodges formal complaint with SKY News

Kristina Ken­eally has lodged a formal ­complaint with SKY News management after comments made by presenter Mark Latham.

The former federal Labor leader described former­ NSW Labor premier as a “Yankee sheila” and a “protege of Eddie Obeid”, the former NSW Labor powerbroker convicted of misconduct in public office.

According to reports, he also made other disparaging remarks about her time in office that Keneally now considers defamatory.

SKY News presenters have recently been publicly critical of one another, particularly following Ross Cameron’s comments at a right-wing fundrais­ing dinner.

But for a channel that has revamped its primetime schedule with opinion and commentary, over rolling news, such clashes are also netting it wider coverage in articles and social media. That may make it harder to determine what is genuine outrage and what is confected by those employed to lift ratings. Be careful what you wish for…?

SKY News declined to comment.

Source: The Australian


  1. daveinprogress

    Slightly off topic, but i really like Credlin Keneally. The two work really well together. Great to see two smart presenters from opposing political sides give some great insight and commentary. Sky matched then well.

  2. I noticed that Sky haven’t posted the podcast of last week’s episode of Jones + Co where the offending remarks were made. Also, they’ve replaced the usual Saturday afternoon replay with a rerun of Richo this week. I’m guessing that’s likely connected to Kristina’s complaint

  3. Couldn’t agree more with the final paragraph and how the media attempt to retain public interest by creating click bait promotions. Most of the FTA Breakfast Shows do the same thing, revealing clashes of temperament between hosts etc., it’s a sad reflection of the way the adversarial style of reality TV has become a integral part of most things we see on the small screen and online nowadays.

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