Local experience is the difference (with a little help from interstate)

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Here at WIN News our stories are made by people who live in the region, local experience is the difference. We hope you can join us nightly on WIN (Ch8) and WIN HD (Ch80) at 6pm.#WINNews6pm

Posted by WIN News Ballarat on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The claims in regional TV are flowing this year, with Nine News bulletins about to start in Victorian markets.

WIN TV has a promo with Bruce Roberts telling viewers in Ballarat, “Our stories are made by people who live in the region.”

While it’s true WIN has reporters and crew on the ground in Ballarat, WIN News is hosted and broadcast from its Wollongong headquarters, for its half hour bulletin.

From next week Nine News will also have reporters and crew on the ground, broadcasting its one hour bulletin from Melbourne with a local news window.


  1. Despite the obvious shortcuts taken in production, it’s good to see all three regional commercial networks providing local bulletins. Increased coverage, as well as the presence of consumer choice and media competition can only be good for regional communities.

    • ‘fraid so, if they follow NSW/ACT. No more Peter Overton/Hitchener. 1970’s-style fixed flat backdrop. One camera angle, weather probably done from Newcastle. When we wanted to know about storms and roads the major/first “local” item was Donald Trump, again. Then expect to see lots of “travellers”, items from regional NSW used as “local” filler items.

  2. A bit misleading to use old footage of Bruce Roberts in Ballarat when he’s now based in Wollongong, however, (Ballarat) “stories are made by people who live in the region” is correct. Recorded, produced, edited, written in “the region”, just produced into a compilation with a newsreader in Wollongong. If regional Vic. Nine News is the same format as Nine NSW it will be a complete hour of a dog’s breakfast format with a Sydney/Melbourne reader, not “with a local news window” which should be the way to do it. No more Peter Hitchener. WIN Illawarra’s promo plays on the “for more than 50 years your local TV news” angle.

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