More objections, legal threats mounting over SKY News panel.

Now Wendy Harmer fires off a letter to SKY News after offensive comments by Mark Latham.

SKY News presenter Mark Latham may be facing legal action on dual fronts with ABC Radio presenter and comedian Wendy Harmer firing off a letter following comments on SKY News yesterday.

Latham’s comments came after Harmer tweeted that she was considering cancelling her Foxtel subscription due to SKY News.

But Latham let rip on Outsiders. “Now Wendy, of course, we know her well. She’s a proven commercial failure, so naturally she got a job at ABC Radio at the sheltered workshop there for all the leftys. She fits the criteria, she’s female, she’s got a disability – that’s what they mean by diversity,” he said.

“We have delivered a letter and are hoping for an apology,” Harmer has since told The Australian.

It follows SKY presenter Kristina Keneally lodging a formal complaint with management after an earlier broadside by Latham, which she claims was defamatory.

The Australia Financial Review reports SKY News management issued a directive for presenters not to attack each other on-air or on social media before comments were directed at Keneally.

SKY declined to comment.

Latham’s last own commercial TV outing, The Verdict, was widely panned before being axed.

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  1. Wendy Harmer is a national treasure & had one of the most successful radio shows for years. I used to love listening to her. It’s hard to believe Latham was once head of the Labor Party. He’s now more hard right than some Libs. He’s a disgrace.

  2. Mark Latham must be being defended by somebody of influence at Sky News or he wouldn’t be there. It should also be remembered that today’s news shows are working more for headline grabbing (like click bait) than actually reporting researched News, Contentious right wing archetypes like Latham and Andrew Bolt fit well into controversial debates, unfortunately they also compliment some similar hard line attitudes emerging within our society.

  3. Awkward moment on To The Point today (co-hosted by Keneally) when guest MP Anthony Albanese pointed out he didn’t vote in the party room for Latham as Labor leader back in the day, and added something along the lines of ‘and as your experience with him has shown I think I’ve been proven right!’

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