New low for MKR ….but Seven easily wins Wednesday

Ratings: How to hit a new low and still be the #1 show of the night.

What a strange dichotomy was last night’s ratings…..

My Kitchen Rules fell to a new all-time low at 1.02m viewers -yet it was still enough to top the night, which underlines just how high it has indeed ruled over the years. It was also the only show over the magic million.

Despite that sting in its tail, Seven had nearly a dream run in primetime timeslots last night, starting from The Chase right through to late night …

Only one show hindered a clean sweep: A Current Affair winning with 794,000 viewers.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here had its best night of the week at 787,000 and rising to 850,000 for the elimination of Lisa Curry, beating Planet Earth II.

Seven’s Murder Uncovered held strong with an extended outing, well ahead of Murder Calls.

Over on ABC it was a soft night, with The Weekly their best in entertainment, down slightly on 480,000 viewers, while SBS matched its Tuesday share.

Seven network easily won Wednesday with 32.5% then Nine 26.8%, TEN 19.3%, ABC 14.3% and SBS 7.1%.

My Kitchen Rules was #1 for Seven with 1.02m then Seven News (941,000 / 924,000), Home and Away (724,000), Murder Uncovered (656,000 / 652,000) and The Chase (517,000 / 338,000). Surveillance Oz was 329,000.

Nine News (923,000 / 911,000) led for Nine then A Current Affair (794,000), Planet Earth II (678,000), Murder Calls Australia (501,000) and Hot Seat (435,000 / 280,000). Mafia Women was 223,000.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here drew 787,000 and rose to 850,000 for the elimination. The Project was 537,000 / 304,000, This is Us was 501,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 455,000 and Madam Secretary was 210,000.

ABC News (656,000), The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (480,000), 7:30 (470,000), Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (448,000), Walliams and Friend (272,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (248,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Tony Robinson Down Under (281,000), The Eighties (279,000), Vikings (225,000) and SBS World News (144,000).

Shaun the Sheep still rules multichannels with 212,000 viewers.

Today: 291,000
Sunrise: 289,000
ABC News Breakfast: 78,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 8 March 2017

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  1. Because Queensland doesn’t have Daylight saving, the Nine network statewide drops ” Current Affair’ on Thursdays and Fridays to go to Rugby League coverage. Because 6.30 pm here is 7.30pm in NSW.
    This must have an effect on ratings nationally, mustn’t it, losing a whole state?
    The situation will correct itself with the end of DS early April. Meanwhile, if desperate we can watch it on Nine’s ‘catch up’ service. (I’m not that desperate).

  2. The Weekly is shown on 3 nights each week plus iView, Julia Zemiro on 2 nights plus iView, so consolidated figures would be higher. 7Two burned off 3 eps of Murdoch last night, none next week, bye bye for a while. Only 7 seasons to go.

  3. So Nationally it’s (from Crikey):

    MKR (Seven) — 1.546 million
    Seven News — 1.489 million
    Seven News/Today Tonight — 1.457 million
    Nine News 6.30 — 1.236 million
    Nine News — 1.210 million
    I’m A Celebrity – Elimination (Ten) — 1.201 million
    Home and Away (Seven) — 1.196 million
    I’m A Celebrity (Ten) — 1.105 million
    A Current Affair (Nine) — 1.132 million
    Murder Uncovered Ep 1 (Seven) — 1.029 million

    So that means that roughly 19 million people in Australia have other things to rather than watch TV, the stations must be cursing this extended summer we’re having with nice evenings to be outdoors then.

      1. Well between FTA and Foxtel nationally just over 4 million people watched TV Weds Night and there are just over 23 million in Australia. So yes overcooked it as not all have watched TV according to the ratings as it’s generally 6 million or so per night and 2 million regular viewers are missing, however that still leaves a good percentage out of our population untapped by the networks. Used to be that the ratings would hover around the same each night barring Fridays and weekends, now it seems that when 2 million disappear there isn’t another 2 million taking their place like before, so 19 million doing other things. Mid week is getting what used to be Friday, Saturday and Sunday figures and even if you put Netflix, Stan and estimated downloaders in there, a hell of a lot of people simply just don’t watch TV any more. Used to be the battle for top spot was at least 7 and 9 with 2…

      1. Yep and that’s a decreasing proportion as in:

        “In the 20 years between 1996 and 2016, the proportion of children (aged 0-14 years) decreased from 21.4% to 18.8% of the total population.”

        While the median age of Australians has increased:

        “The median age of the Australian population has increased by 3 years over the last two decades, from 34 years at 30 June 1996 to 37 years at 30 June 2016. Between 30 June 2015 and 30 June 2016 the median age remained steady at 37 years.’


        “Over the next several decades, population ageing is will have a range of implications for Australia, including; health, size of the working-age population, housing and demand for skilled labour.Like most developed countries, Australia’s population is ageing as a result of sustained low fertility and increasing life expectancy. This has resulted in proportionally fewer children (under 15…

    1. If you like bullies and nasty people it’s great….better than ever, if like me you watch for the cooking then it’s very annoying……I have watched this show since the beginning but they have lost me. Watching Masterchef Professional on Foxtel instead and can’t wait for Masterchef Australia to begin.

  4. “Only one show hindered a clean sweep: A Current Affair winning with 794,000 viewers”
    So that means Home & Away drew fewer viewers than that.
    After almost 30 years perhaps H&A is approaching its use-by date? There were rumours late last year that 2017 could be its swan song if things didn’t pick up. Looks like its heading that way.
    The show has completely moved away from its original premise of troubled teens in a half-way house.
    These days it is just like any other drama.
    The constant killing off of characters to introduce new blood indicates the producers are desperate.
    Time will tell.

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