Nine confirms The Gatwick purchase for The Block

Producers make a rare comment on future plans for The Block, as Nine locks on two upcoming seasons.

Nine has now confirmed purchasing the notorious Gatwick hotel in St. Kilda, as first tipped by TV Tonight, for a “future” season of The Block.

Producer Julian Cress has given a rare interview on future plans, due to the public interest in the site by local traders, residents and concern for the welfare of its vulnerable residents.

Cress said production would not begin until every single resident had found new accommodation. The Block would also assist homelessness charities in the wake of the sale, tipped at around $15m, either through cash donations or renovations.

“Everybody who’s been there will get an offer and opportunity to move into better accommodation than they’re used to,” he told Fairfax Media.

“I’ve spent a bit of time inside The Gatwick. I’ve met all the residents a couple of months ago. Anybody who’s seen inside there would agree with the [housing] minister Martin Foley, who said that it’s clear the Gatwick is an inappropriate place for people in the first place.”

The historic building has a history of bashings, overdoses and even murder inside its walls -but The Block has previously overcome notorious pasts with South Yarra’s Hotel Saville, site of a brutal rape by a self-proclaimed vampire gigolo, reborn as The Blocktagon.

Cress gave no comment on Nine’s pre-production for The Block 2017, now underway in Elsternwick, but the vote of confidence in a 2018 season before 2017 even debuts is very rare.

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    1. It’s a fair question but one I have addressed with producer answers in the past. It boils down to finding distinctive buildings (and yes other cities have those) that will sell for hot auction prices. Sydney & Melb have the claim on the latter it seems.

      1. I understand that the The Block producers had difficulty with the Waverley Council at Bondi but have they ever tried the Inner West? 10min to the CBD and un-renovated historic townhouses selling for lots of of $$$

  1. Surely this location would be the most difficult to shoot logistically? At times it can be a very busy street and trams directly out front. Fitzroy Street is in dire need of a cleanup though.

  2. Gave up on The Block a while ago. If they would cast a gay male couple I might give it a look again, but they have steadfastly refused to do so since it returned with Scott Cam as host. Coincidence?

      1. They are counting their chickens before they hatch which comes across as cocky thinking that they will get a 2018 season when their 2017 show hasn’t even been produced yet. I enjoy seeing those who act cocky get a swift reality check. That is what would happen should this year’s show tank as a result of having rather serious preparations in place for a future season.

        Plus I don’t particularly enjoy the Block so I don’t want it on my screen anymore.

          1. Here’s a news flash for y’all. Some people enjoy the Block and are looking forward to watching it. Turn off if you don’t like it. der.

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