Nine, Seven first on feuding.

Nine and Seven are at odds over pooled news footage and assorted watermarks.

Nine alleged pooled aerial vision of the Adele concert in Perth and the Essendon plane crash last month were claimed as “First on 7” when Nine ran the vision at the same time.

A Nine spokeswoman told the Australian Financial Review senior management dialogue had been productive in trying to address industry challenges.

“But, then day-to-day there is disunity within Seven and they are all over the place, some playing by the rules and some labelling chopper vision, pool vision or press conference vision as ‘First on Seven’ to mislead viewers,” they said.

But a Seven spokesman said Nine needed to calm down.

“They have a list of our material they have appropriated or inappropriately labelled as their own over the past few weeks. It is quite a list. Surely, they have more important things in their life, like not losing in news.”

Meanwhile sources inside the TEN newsroom alleged Seven took its footage from the Essendon plane crash and obscured their logo.

Nine hasn’t ruled out taking further action.


  1. spectrum warrior

    What we need is a impartial adjudicator that would make decisions and give out a penalty to businesses that are found wrong. After all, they can’t do it themselves.

  2. What the hell! Channel 9 suing seven over first on 7 or 9 or whatever when they’re not technically first cause nine aired it at the same time. Grow the f*** up you stupid bastards at channel 9 or seven or whoever is suing who, I lost track.

  3. jezza the first original one

    Its nearly always the same garbage at the same time. No one gives a stuff and does not believe network crap. Jeez these folk are total morons……childish ones as well

  4. I had to laugh I was catching up on media watch/bites the other day and 9 managed to show a story that was 5 years old …….. I wonder if they used first on 9!

  5. Seven and Nine are so childish.

    I always wonder what Ten think of them, battling over everything and anything.

    Seven always have to add a foolish tagline too, like “we’re #1 network” or “we’re #1 in news”.

  6. Seven – “winning in news” because of the small markets of Adelaide and Perth where stuff-all advertising is spent. Nine – “winning in news” where it truly counts – the east coast capitals where the vast majority of advertising is spent.

    There – I fixed it for you Simon Francis… err sorry – un-named Seven source.

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