Returning: Anh’s Brush with Fame

Hit series Anh’s Brush with Fame is back next month with more celebrities under the brush and insight of the wonderful Anh Do.

Appearing this series are Jessica Mauboy, Rosie Batty, Anthony Field and Megan Gale, with 6 more the be revealed.

In this 10-part series, Archibald Prize finalist Anh combines his passion for painting with his love of conversation, getting to know each guest’s history and what makes them tick. As they talk through their life, recounting their childhood and formative years, Anh unearths both humorous anecdotes,
as well as accounts of their more challenging moments, shaping how he depicts them. Along the way our celebrities share private and rare archival material, such as personal photos and videos, and viewers will learn more about Anh himself, as well as his painting process.

Jessica Mauboy, Rosie Batty, Anthony Field and Megan Gale are just some of the celebrities who have signed up to sit in Anh’s chair this series.

It’s an emotional journey for both Anh and his subject who bond over shared laughter, tears, and personal stories, in the lead up to the big reveal of the painting. When the celebrity finally gets to see their completed portrait, will they like how they have been depicted? It’s a dramatic moment of truth each time.

Anh’s Brush with Fame was the ABC’s most popular new Australian program in 2016, and was the ABC’s highest rating program of its timeslot in three years.

Wednesday 12 April at 8pm on ABC.

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