Returning: Modern Family. Update: The Biggest Loser: Transformed

Biggest Loser is out of Sunday as new Modern Family moves in. Plus new times for Bull, NCIS: NO & more.

TEN is moving on its underperforming reality series The Biggest Loser: Transformed.

It has yanked the show from Sunday nights after drawing just 305,000 viewers last night.

In its place is a double episode of Modern Family from 7pm, providing scripted entertainment for as an alternative to reality.

It picks up from S8E8 “The Alliance.” This aired in the US in November.

Hayley’s plan for a fun-filled girl’s day with Rainer Shine’s teen daughter may be a little more angst-filled than expected. Meanwhile, Gloria, Phil and Cam form a secret alliance.

S8E9 “Snow Ball” follows at 7:30pm.

When Manny and Luke put on the school’s lavish winter dance and end up over their heads due to a texting error, it is up to them to fix it before the end of the night.

The move means other programming comes forward by 30 mins, which it can now do under recent classification changes.

6pm Family Feud
6:30pm Bondi Rescue
7pm Modern Family
7:30pm Modern Family
8pm Bull
9pm NCIS: New Orleans
10pm 24: Legacy
11pm Homeland

Biggest Loser: Transformed is expected to now screen Monday – Thursday next week.

Last week a betting agency offered odds on the show being axed, moving to a multichannel of Tenplay, but this move qualifies as none of those.

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  1. Obviously l can’t speak for all but l for one am getting tired of reality TV. If l recall Ten was the 1st channel to drop Sunday night movies for TV drama and it was successful at that time. Think they aired law & order. Someone would know…

  2. I like the shows from 8pm. However, that would mean either watching over 4 hours, going to bed after midnight, which isn’t good for one’s health – if done on a regular basis.

    Or risk recording the last couple of shows, and hoping the PVR was able to record the whole episode.

    What would be nice, if TEN would encore some of these shows on other days, times, so more people can watch. BTW, Alan Dale was in this week’s episode, playing the US President.

  3. Picked it last Wednesday after commenting on the first nights TBL ratings. And very happy to have proper entertainment in place of crap. However, shares will now be down the toilet for the rest of the week. Why still keep it on 4 nights?

  4. It’d be appreciated, TEN, if you’d bring Homeland forward by an hour and shove 24 back by 60 minutes (real time). We decided last week not to bother recording this half-baked clambake any more.

  5. This seems like a really good move. There is obvious scope for criticism in TEN falling back on Modern Family but with both episodes being new and no repeats this should be a positive move.

    Having a solid drama at 8.00pm is also positive and the kind of thing viewers have been screaming for (at least this viewer.) I am confident they will utterly dominate the evening with this line-up.

    The dramas later in the evening are also positive.

  6. Not sure about tonight, but their rundown promo lists “7:30 The Biggest Loser, then 7:30 Red 2”. Guess the TEN Promo Dept is a tad busy today and no one picked up their goof. This was around 4:45.

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