Say it isn’t so! Eurovision 2017 without Julia Zemiro & Sam Pang.

Shock announcement sees Julia Zemiro & Sam Pang no longer commentating Eurovision for SBS.

Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang will no longer be hosting SBS coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest, ending 8 years of on-the-ground commentary in Europe.

But for Julia Zemiro, her ties with the iconic brand go back much further, to at least the early 2000s, hosting specials from Sydney.

She is also no longer hosting next week’s Melbourne-event for SBS announcing the 2017 act and song that will represent Australia in Ukraine.

Julia Zemiro said “Eight amazing years hosting Eurovision; what a wonderful and hilarious ride. Growing up in a French household in Bondi Junction, I fell in love with this amazing contest ever since Abba won the competition. The languages, the characters, the songs and the sequins have always held a warm place in my heart.

“Giving SBS audiences a sneak peek into the machinations of this wonderfully unique event over the years has been an absolute joy and a career highlight. It’s hard to say goodbye but thrilled to be handing over to the next team on a high – douze points.”

Sam Pang said “I’d like to thank SBS for the opportunity to explore the world and share that experience with all those back home but there are only so many sequins, burning pianos, power ballads and singing Russian grannies one man can celebrate in a career, and the time has come for me to pass that privilege on to a new team.”

SBS’s Managing Director Michael Ebeid said: “We thank Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang for a wonderful eight years as the faces of such a one-of-a-kind television broadcast that is Eurovision. Julia and Sam’s unique relationship with the audience is something special, and SBS has been fortunate to be able to share their love for the song contest with Australians for so many years running.

“An exciting new era of Eurovision on SBS will begin in 2017 and we are looking forward to introducing the new Eurovision hosts for this year’s contest in Ukraine.”

SBS is also yet to announce a RocKwiz series for 2017, but is planning a special. The long-running music show is also going on the road again with tix on sale next week.

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  1. I just saw who will be taking over and realised what a damn shame it is indeed. Julia was one of the highlights for me, so it will definitely not be the same. Oh well, I’ll just watch it live on Swedish TV.

  2. Oh no!!
    Just won’t be the same without them ! Have so enjoyed Julia and Sam as hosts – so entertaining the way they “bounce off each other.”
    Yes, the decision on Julia’s part seems sudden. Perhaps she chose not to carry on after hearing Sam was leaving…

  3. That’s a shame as has been said they made a great team.

    Guess as far as RocKwiz goes SBS are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place, with the Espy still not open again yet with the renovations (been closed since May 2015), where do they do RocKwiz from. Do it in a studio and it will lose that Pub feel it has, so I guess doing specials is the best bet to keep it going like doing the Easter show at Hamer Hall, with the country/city tours and Bluesfest every couple of years (not this year) until the Gershwin room is back.

  4. This is very last minute, particularly given Zemiro was scheduled to announce this year’s entrant next week. With a public broadcaster involved, I’d guess there has been some kind of cost cutting taking place which Zemiro and Pang haven’t been happy with.

  5. Devastating. They had the perfect tone – not taking things too seriously but still respecting the artists and the competition. Sometimes Graham Norton can be mean spirited. Would not like to be the next hosts. Enormous shoes to fill in any event, but dare I say, Eurovision fans are more fickle, particular and vocal than most TV fans. I feel they should have softened the blow by having one of the presenters remain for this year with a new partner and then two new hosts in 2018. I wonder what the reason was.

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