1. I liked the biggest loser last night. I could see how they were trying to be different from previous seasons that I watched. I liked the room at the start where they showed what each contestant was striving for with their weight loss. I liked that there was no Michelle and Commando. I didn’t mind the new trainer Libby but she had way too much energy which made me want to go to sleep. The 6 finalists, the transformation week and having the audience vote at some stage (didn’t quite understand what they would be voting for) looked like they could generate interest. I liked the positivity even Shannon seemed rejuvenated. Its worth a look to see the different approach they are trying to take.

    I’ve never been much into reality and have really gone off the reality I did watch in recent years. My preference for drama isn’t going to change any time soon but I can see myself watching some…

  2. jezza the first original one

    I watched the first 5 mins of Bullied, Thorpie has a good presenting style, but I mentally switched off as soon as I heard the family background and saw the dad. Harsh, judgemental etc….so we stepped away from the tv and went out for a walk for an hour. Came back and watched an ep of Game of Thrones. Its dvds and streaming until Masterchef for us, although I may give bullied another try as a bit of background when I am at work.

  3. There are 3 things that stopped me watching the Biggest Loser some time ago. The first one was the move to a nightly show. I don’t watch reality shows that air most evenings, keep it short and interesting, 2 nights a week maximum. There is too much unnecessary filler when more than 2 nights. The second was all the crying. By stretching the show over the week we got even more crying! When I get home from a hard day at work I don’t want to watch people cry. Lastly the weigh ins each week should be cumulative, i.e. take into account the previous weigh ins showing the total loss to date and not one off’s so that we do actually end up with the biggest loser in the end. I do like the idea of going with real people, but the format seems to be exactly the same as previous series so I only lasted 20 minutes or so last night.

  4. Huh. There you go. We’ve been regular viewers of previous seasons, but didn’t even know it was starting last night. We must’ve seen the ads – we were talking on the weekend how they should’ve brought Tiff back at any cost so there’d be a presenter with some personality – but they obviously didn’t stick in our mind enough to register when it was actually starting.

    Maybe butting it right up against “… Celebrity” wasn’t such a good idea, and a week’s break between the two would’ve been better?

  5. I thought TBL was quite good. Finally they are featuring people who are not obese. Few people could relate to very, very overweight people who only had to stop drinking soft drink to drop kilos in a week. This series seems more real. I hope it continues that way (but stop saying “transformed” all the time).

  6. I had been hoping that there would be no eliminations, that it would be just who ever had lost the biggest % at the end of the series. But that doesn’t appear to be the case.

  7. I just don’t see what on earth the Ten programmers are smoking with trying to persist time and time again with TBL. Seriously, there is absolutely no buzz about it. Zilch. Nobody at all cares about it.

    Give us something new, fresh, exciting. Change it up.

  8. bettestreep2008

    Of course TBL was gonna fail. Who wants to watch a show about helping overweight people? Who wants to learn about exercise and diet and getting healthy? Who wants to watch this when Nine is serving up bitching and fighting couples in shame marriages and tourists bitching and fighting in foreign countries? And Seven has delivered the never ending bitching and fighting amateur cooks. Its sad that viewers prefer to watch bitching and fighting rather than positive television programs.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      More people prefer to watch reality show contestants shouting at each other rather than reality show contestants being shouted at by hosts. None of them are positive programs.

  9. Bullied was amazing and heartbreaking but I can understand the figures. It was difficult to watch and when everyone is enamoured with reality shows about meanness it’s hard to be confronted with the real thing. I think many reality shows make it acceptable, even desirable to be a tosser towards other people.

  10. Ten have come down with a thud! Celebrity must cost the earth , but it creates a lot of chatter and apart from MasterChef it seems the only show for 10 that cracks a million. It’s sure to return next year regardless of the cost.

  11. TBL is dead and buried surely…. ain’t no coming back from this.
    I’m expecting Bumped: TBL Transformed to be published on this site within 7 days and Airdate: Modern Family Repeats to be published soon after.

    • wellinmyopinion

      While low numbers, it’s still doing better than the fillers they had after IACGMOOH last year. i think they tried sit coms which rated around 300,000. At this rate they can still claim to be growing year on year

  12. I was curious to see the “transformed” format. When it became obvious they were going to spend the whole episode weighing contestants/watching them cry, I switched off.

  13. TBL should have expected those numbers, for a few reasons, MAFS is in its final few episodes so will be drawing a massive crowd, MKR has its band of mindless followers & it premiered on a Tuesday night. Now for me, IACGMOOH has just finished, no break & TEN want me to commit to another nightly reality show? I need a pause, a week or 2 to explore other TV before that kind of commitment again. Also they didn’t promote it properly, it was promoted a lot but not properly, its not just about torturing massive people, it covers the mental aspect & support aspect of the journey, fan bloody tastic, but that wasn’t really portrayed in the promo, big miss there

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