Studio 10 addresses viewer criticism over hypnosis segment

“You guys are cranky about this,” Sarah Harris told Studio 10‘s audience today after negative feedback to an earlier segment featuring hypnotist Peter Powers.

“We’re always upfront with our viewers so we thought we’d tackle some of the feedback”.

Today’s discussion followed yesterday’s segment in which Powers put several audience members, crew and Jessica Rowe under hypnosis as bizarre antics followed.

But viewers called it bad acting and said they expected better of the show.

Rowe and others, with some embarrassment, today reckoned it was the real deal.

At least they didn’t dodge the feedback.



  1. real or fake it was cringe tv at its best. I watched it on the studio 10 youtube channel and thought it was the worst thing to happen to tv since… dating shows.

  2. We went to a hypnotist show once and he had every persons fingers locked together for 5 minutes. It does work. We were shocked and relieved when we could let go. I like Studio Ten better than the other morning shows, I think its more relaxed and fun. Good for them to do something different despite the naysayers.

  3. Even people who go through hypnosis don’t think it’s real. They don’t understand what’s actually happening; the breaking down of mental barriers, loosening you up to be in a “state of suggestion” so it feels like you’re voluntarily doing things, but are actually being gently nudged.

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