Sunday Night lifts Seven, TEN still struggling.

Ratings: The Australian Grand Prix didn't drive enough viewers into primetime for TEN. Married at First Sight tops Sunday.

Seven managed a win last night with Sunday Night‘s 909,000 well up on last week’s 727,000. The episode featured Pete Evans, immediately following MKR, being defensive once again over recent comments.

The season final of Vera (780,000) was down slightly but still managed to beat 60 Minutes (686,000).

Married at First Sight (1.16m) was the night’s top show edging out My Kitchen Rules (1.14m).

In primetime TEN had another poor night despite Modern Family (393,000 / 376,000) and Bull (393,000) improving on last week’s figures in the same slot. It’s best numbers all day were for the Australian Grand Prix, which took place in the afternoon, but it’s overall share for Sunday was down on last week.

Seven network won Sunday with 33.1% then Nine 28.9%, ABC 19.3%, TEN 12.1% and SBS 6.5%.

My Kitchen Rules was best for Seven with 1.14m viewers then Seven News (1.05m), Sunday Night (909,000) and an Anita Cobby repeat special (454,000).

Married at First Sight was #1 for Nine with 1.16m viewers then Nine News (1.05m), 60 Minutes (686,000) and Lethal Weapon (307,000).

Vera (780,000) was strong for ABC followed by ABC News (736,000) and Grand Designs (675,000). My Year 12 Life was 108,000 and a repeat of Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery was just 88,000.

The Australian Grand Prix may have drawn 701,000 for TEN but it wasn’t in primetime, where it’s only appearance, the post-race drew 292,000. Any momentum the race had was quickly overshadowed by rival networks. In primetime the best TEN could manage was Modern Family (393,000 / 376,000). Bull drew 393,000, Bondi Rescue was 269,000 and NCIS: NO was 214,000.

On SBS it was Britain’s Ancient Capital: Orkney (229,000), Cleopatra (215,000), SBS World News (199,000). Lost City of the Gladiators was 74,000.

ABC2’s Ready Jet Go! topped multichannels with 177,000 viewers.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 26 March 2017.

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  1. I really wish Ten would cut the project to 30min especially considering there is so much crap in the show that could be cut out. Ten was most successful with reality starting at 7pm so it gets in early on 7 & 9 offers. Ten should also bring back 10 late news around 10 or 10.30pm. Oh Yeah & move new SVU back to Thurdays!

  2. Yeah The Biggest Loser is really struggling, even in Timeshifted it only got 34,000 more while This Is Us got 147,000 (biggest for that day) and NCIS got 120,000 to TBL’s 24,000, certainly not good signs when people aren’t really recording and watching either and the shows after are. Same with Gogglebox getting 128,000 to TBL’s 44,000, that the shows after it are 100,000 plus in timeshifted and it isn’t says people have really turned off.

    Have said it before and I’ll say it again, time to move the 8:30pm and 9:30pm shows (Mon, Tue and Weds) to 7:30pm and 8:30pm and TBL to 9:30pm, with M Rated allowed at 7:30pm since December 2015 time for TEN to throw the dice.

    1. Sounds like way too logical for the network to do it. oh we are sticking with the same old time slots, Make the Project 30 mins and start your stuff at 7.00.
      The Biggest Loser is TEN with this show.

  3. 60 Minutes was good last night with the story of the Christian refugees fleeing ISIS persecution and being settled in Melbourne.

    Also enjoyed the Sunday Night interview with Pete Evans

  4. Ten should move The Biggest Loser to One. Two weeks is enough indication that it’s not resonating with viewers. It’s now dragging down the rest of the lineup, and will cost them viewers in the lead up to MasterChef.

    The 7.30pm slots can be filled with the likes of Jamie Oliver, Celebrity Family Feud, Shark Tank and Gogglebox. It would surely be a modest improvement.

  5. Pete’s story on Sunday Night lacked balance. If your going to have a story where you have one person make certain claims and another person counteract them then have the appropriate person counteract them. Its quite common knowledge that doctors get barely any nutrition training so why have one counteract food claims? If you go to a gp and ask about your teeth they will immediately tell you not my area. So again why have a gp counteract dental claims? It had the appearance of cutting corners.

  6. Yes, bumping Biggest Loser and replacing with Modern Family didn’t work and only looks like a vote of no confidence in the local product, which won’t help the optics of it either.

    1. The ratings demonstrates as I suspected moving biggest loser from Sundays was an error and made no difference. I think they should’ve scheduled it 6.30pm Sunday and two Sundays ago I turned ten on at that time and was annoyed it wasn’t on. Who wants to sit through 1 hr news at all especially on a weekend.

  7. Unsure why Seven would play double eps of The Blacklist for a few weeks then have it come to a grinding halt and bung on an Anita Cobby repeat special. Yes it rated well but not good enough treatment of The Blacklist. Ten just need to sit tight and put up with that atrocious audience share until Masterchef in a months time. No need to change the schedule again now.

    1. we are up to date with the US on The Blacklist now. The US version is on hiatus from 23 Feb until 20 April due to the network airing the new spinoff The Blacklist: Redemption in the timeslot

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