The Feed: Mar 20 – 23

The Feed has a series of features next week covering stories on female fire fighters, the AFLW and singer Emeli Sandé.

Monday 20 March
Female Fireys: Safe as Houses?
For the first time ever, women make up half of new recruits to Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW). The quota is part of a bold move to change the face of FRNSW which has historically been a “boys club.”, but is FRNSW a safe workplace to be sending young women to? There are current calls for a parliamentary inquiry into allegations of bullying and sexual harassment within FRNSW along with opposition to the quota from some fire fighters who think their recruitment is tokenistic and not based on merit. The Feed asks what is the personal cost for the young women entering the fire service?

Tuesday March 21
Female Inventors: Unsung Heroes
The world of science, technology and invention has often been thought of as a masculine one. But behind the great names of science was a woman who (let’s face it) probably did most of the work while getting none of the glory. Jan Fran takes you through the women who made science possible, from Rosalind Franklin and DNA, Marie Curie and radioactivity and even Andromache Papanicolaou, who let her husband Georgios give her a vaginal exam every day for 21 years, in order to invent the pap smear.

Wednesday March 22
An NRL Fan’s Guide to Women’s AFL
Thirty-one year old teacher Amanda Farrugia knows that when it comes to the stigmas surrounding women playing contact sports, Australia has a long way to go. Since being picked as the GWS Giants captain for the inaugural women’s AFL league, Amanda has been juggling an intense training schedule with fulltime work at a Western Sydney girl’s school. But Amanda believes it’s all worth it. The Feed’s very own AFL-novice Laura Murphy-Oates sits down with Amanda to find out why women should care about AFL, and then heads out to her first ever AFL game to find out firsthand.

Thursday March 23
Marc Fennell meets Emeli Sandé
She spent 10 weeks at the top of the UK charts with her last album. Her big soulful voice won her fans all around the world. But then she disappeared. The Scottish singer ended her marriage and went to Zambia to reconnect with her father’s roots. Now Emeli Sandé sits down with Marc Fennell to talk candidly about sexism in the music industry, channelling pain into pop and how she nearly forgot the words to her own song on the world’s biggest stage.

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