Top Gear: Mar 13

Scottish actor James McAvoy (X-Men) will guest star in the studio and on the track when Top Gear returns soon.

Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid take hosting duties in the new season.

The first episode of Top Gear Series 24 begins with the astonishing, ultra-exclusive Ferrari FXX K, tested to the max by Chris Harris at the Daytona circuit in Florida. Matt, Chris and Rory then race across Kazakhstan in 3 high-mileage cars: a Mercedes saloon, a Volvo estate and a London Taxi, all of which have done at least 480,000 miles, the equivalent distance of going to the moon and back.

Monday March 13 at 8.30pm on BBC Knowledge.


    • See how quick I get answers for you? BBC Knowledge reckons TG production schedule makes it impossible to simultaneously transmit every episode of the new series globally, but they are committed to new episodes within a matter of days. I’ve reminded them they have screened same day in the past, including simultaneous daytime broadcasts. They say the studio segments are different timing this year.

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