Which TV shows are coming next?

Tired of the current offerings? It's not long until there are tempting new titles.

April 23 is Logie Awards night and it signals the start of the next great TV battle.

Two weeks of non-ratings will intercede from April 9 – 22.

If you’ve been watching primetime lately you will have noticed new promos are underway.

No dates are yet confirmed but we have some pretty good intel on the next wave of shows that will roll out. A lot of it hinges around the finale for My Kitchen Rules, which last year was April 26, in between an early Easter and a late Logies (May 8).

Seven is already teasing new episodes of Seven Year Switch, presumably set to move into the Monday night slot warmed up by Bride & Prejudice (don’t rule out Tuesdays though). House Rules is the hot tip to replace MKR.

Nine is expected to see The Voice blind auditions take over from Married at First Sight, which is surely dragging out the amount of ways its cast can say “Should I stay or should I go now?” But it’s working. Nine is also promoting its two night event The House of Bond, starring Ben Mingay. The Last Resort is also on the way, and viewers are wondering what happened to new Big Bang episodes after they vanished from Thursday nights.

MasterChef will be the answer to TEN’s prayers if it can endure the pain -a lot of pain- for the next month. A week is a long time in television, as The Biggest Loser: Transformed has an anti-halo effect on the network, and means fewer viewers will see Masterchef promos. Shark Tank, Have You Been Paying Attention?, Common Sense and Offspring are all due between May and July, but I would tip later rather than sooner for those last two.

ABC doesn’t quite adhere to the same survey calendar and has already confirmed Stargazing Live (April 4), The Checkout (April 6), Anh’s Brush with Fame (April 12,), The Warriors (April 12), Seven Types of Ambiguity (April 13, pictured top), Doctor Who (April 16) as key highlights.

The Chef’s Line leads new SBS titles from Monday April 3, its ambitious 6pm food competition. 3part observational series Testing Teachers screens from April 19, filmed in Victoria, Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Foxtel’s next big local treat is Wentworth (all details are still under embargo until Monday, but you will love it) -it’s back on April 4. New US even drama Shots Fired begins April 10 when Outcast also returns. The final season of The Leftovers, filmed largely in Australia, is confirmed for April 20. Geoffrey Rush in Genius begins on April 24. 60 Days In is back on April 26 and SS-GB is also on the way on BBC First, tipped for May (but yet to be confirmed).

Netflix highlights include Bordertown (March 31), 13 Reasons Why (March 31), The Get Down (April 7), Casting JonBenet (April 28), Dear White People (April 28), Sense8 (May 5), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (May 19) and House of Cards (May 30).

Better Call Saul is back on Stan on April 11 but the big drawcard is Twin Peaks on May 22.

Docudrama American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story premieres on Amazon Prime Video on April, with new US drama American Gods landing on May 1st.

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  1. I just caught up on the 1st season of the Secret Daughter. My god what a brilliant show and can’t wait for the 2nd season. Also looking forward to A Place to Come home again

  2. Not at all impressed with the promos for House Rules. The new judge looks quite repellant. Last season was such a hit, mainly because it was clearly Aussie-style (with the twins) so now for some reason they bring in a weird UK person. Doesn’t make sense.

  3. I am on board for the Night Manager tonight. I would like to know if any fta ch is going to Show GB crime series Unforgotten, my wife desperately wants to see this. We are currently enjoying Billions on Stan and Designated Survivor on NFlix. Not impressed with Broadchurch at all, very weak.

    1. Unforgotten series 2 starts on foxtel tonight, so i am guessing it will turn up on free to air soon, series 1 at least. i am enjoying Broadchurch but must admit night manager fell short for me.

  4. Logies on April 23… Many will make that a 4 day long weekend with the ANZAC public holiday Tue April 25 – this may impact how networks program those first few days back. House of Bond I reckon will be Sunday April 30 + a week later… and the night of April 24 most likely avoided for anything big.

  5. I don’t know about everyone else, might just be my mood, but nothing seems good watching lately. Other than the odd movie, or British drama on ABC (Vera, Death in Paradise). MKR has lost all appeal, and I’ve avoided this season of MAFS because it’s honestly trash TV.
    Cannot wait for the Chef’s Line, MasterChef, doctor who to finally return

  6. It will be nice to have some fresh meat.

    Considering TEN’s current position, they really need some new content fast. Shark Tank underperformed last season across multiple timeslots. If MasterChef dips, I don’t know what they could possibly do – reruns of Big Bash and Australian Idol!?!

  7. I’m guessing Offspring will follow aftet 18 episodes of TIU? Here’s hoping Masterchef is a hit. Saw one promo last week that demonstrated the success of many a former reality star. I know other reality stars have success on the back of their reality dame (Chrissy Swan, Sam Frost) but there was something really nice about this promo. I just hope TBL doesn’t impact too greatly.

    ABCs line up looking good. Surprised 7 have no replacement dramawise after 800 Words. Thank goodness Greys will fill that void and there’s enough on Netflix to keep me busy for months. Not really interested in 9 offerings but that’s nothing new.

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