1.39m as Married at First Sight leads Nine’s year

Ratings: MAFS ends on a high, Today in Bowral beats Sunrise in Hawaii. ABC improves Monday shows.

The finale for Married at First Sight has given Nine their biggest audience of the 2017 ratings year.

1.39m viewers eclipsed 1.38m viewers the night before, beating out MKR‘s 1.21m viewers.

TEN’s Modern Family double was in fourth place behind Australian Story and 7:30.

ABC titles improved as Four Corners led in 8:30 titles (save for earlier shows that trailed over) with 708,000 viewers, ahead of a House Husbands double and movies elsewhere.

Seven News and A Current Affair both won their timeslots.

New entry The Chef’s’ Line has been merged as simulcast figures from SBS and SBS Food Network into one figure.

Meanwhile round #1 of the battle between breakfast shows -Hawaii vs Bowral- has gone to Bowral.

Nine led in primary share but multichannels pushed Seven network across the line with 30.9% then Nine 29.9%, ABC 18.6%, TEN 14.8% and SBS 5.9%.

My Kitchen Rules (1.21m) led for Seven then Seven News (1.18m / 1.15m), Home and Away (820,000), The Chase (633,000 / 410,000) and Movie: Fast & Furious (345,000).

Married at First Sight (1.39m) was #1 for Nine then Nine News (1.08m / 1.07m), A Current Affair (939,000), House Husbands (637,000 / 435,000) and Hot Seat (535,000 / 303,000). Footy Classified drew 105,000 / 55,000.

ABC News (803,000), Australian Story (716,000), Media Watch (712,000), Four Corners (708,000), 7:30 (676,000) and Q & A (484,000) comprised ABC’s night.

The Project (573,000 / 399,000) led for TEN, then TEN Eyewitness News (529,000), Family Feud (360,000), Modern Family (343,000 / 305,000) and Movie: Spy (336,000).

On SBS it was Michael Mosley: Trust Me I’m a Doctor (229,000), Simon Reeve’s Turkey (228,000), SBS World News (169,000) and SAS: Who Dares Wins (77,000).

Peppa Pig pounced on multichannels at 216,000.

Today: 309,000
Sunrise: 288,000
ABC News Breakfast: 115,000 / 52,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 3 April 2017

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  1. Things I found interesting…

    •Married saw no big jump, despite being the “finale”
    •Nine still couldn’t manage to beat Seven overall, despite that
    •TBL sunk to an almighty new low
    •Fast & Furious 6 performed well over its run late at night
    •Footy Classified’s audience is split across three broadcasts across the Nine Network
    •News & Current Affairs were all high

  2. I liked the chefs line. It was short, to the point, there was friendly competition, judge mark had a bit of a sense of humour and most importantly those Vietnamese rolls made me hungry!

  3. Why did they not talk to everybody on the couch last nite on married ? N the way it just bluntly ended was pretty weird .. was like thank u for letting us use u , bye now . Strange indeed

    1. Surprised Modern Family did that well with a last minute change and zero promotion. Must be just people who flick around and settle on what is on at the time making it around 300k.

      Would love to know how many people watched The Chef’s Line – didn’t mind that at all!

  4. Love it or loathe it, MAFS has been a massive hit and rated ahead of MKR on most occasions when they went head to head. Both Australian Story and Four Corners made for interesting television last night, especially Four Corners. How anyone could vote for One Nation after seeing this program.

      1. So no much more than when it was an encore.

        I know the show failed in ratings – but at the end of the day there were 250k watching – surely Ten would at least let them know by a promotion here and there that they can watch TBL-T during the day rather than having most of them thinking its not on at all (I know lot of people who don’t look any further than prime time in their EPGs).

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