5 houses on The Block

5 dilapidated houses in Elsternwick are nearly ready for contestants.

5 dilapidated houses in Elsternwick are nearly ready for contestants to spruce them up on The Block.

The vacant lot in Regent Street is vacant no more with weatherboard homes being plonked down for a 2017 makeover.

As previously revealed, filming is due to begin on April 27th.

This marks the first time The Block has relocated entire homes for a kingsize renovation.

As usual, Nine declined to comment, preferring to let the media speculation drive much of the pre-show buzz instead.

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  1. Meanwhile in real-life land, the contestants arrive on site, take one look at the state of the houses, get out their plans for double-brick, triple glazed, solar panelled, eco homes and call in the demolition crew. Somewhere in the Victorian alps there is a magnificent view just waiting for a weatherboard week-ender.

  2. So glad they are actually using “family homes” this time! after season after season of upmarket apartments that the average person could not afford.

  3. Similar set up to the early 2000’s Channel Nine reality show Dream Home, where two weatherboard houses were plonked in a new housing development, and the contestants had to renovate. Pretty sure the winner got to keep the house. I heard a rumour that the ugly red house was eventually demolished.

    1. I think I remember that show, think it only had one season, I’m so glad they are doing proper houses this time, no more upmarket apartments or tiny townhouses.

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